And the winner is… and a road closure

Hi all,
The ice out committee met and decided that Stuart Fraser’s guess of April 13, 8:15 AM was the closest entry to the official ice out time of 8:10 AM. Stuart has a home on the lake on Lake Dunmore Road and is a part owner of Waterhouses. If anyone thinks they may have made a better guess, they need to contact the LDFLA within the next two weeks.
Dunmore Dip raised a total of $2800.00, Stuart will receive $1400.00 and the milfoil control project will receive the other half. Thanks to all who participated.

ROUTE 125 CLOSURE: April 19th to June 2nd

The Middlebury Sand Hill Bridge will be closed beginning at 7am on Saturday April 19th and remain closed through June 2nd. Route 125 will be closed at North Branch Road on the west side of the bridge to Upper Plains Road on the east side of the bridge. This is right at the bottom of the hill in East Middlebury and shouldn’t significantly affect those of us on the lakes. The detour route is shown on the Rochester/Middlebury/Warren Bridge Projects if you need it.

Here’s Mary B’s view from Indian Trail a couple days ago. I wish I could guarantee that this was the last snow.

These from kathy D. while the ice was breaking up on Sunday. I am confident that this is the last ice though.


Ice cubes or not, a retriever is going for a swim.


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Pictures from others

The first two from Bill P. on the east shore just north of the island. Here are his views on the 14th and today, what a difference a couple days make.

480 Kelsey Lane, 8 AM 14 Apr 2014

Powers camp, noon 16 Apr 2014

From Mary M, a little color in the trees down in South Cove.

And her view through the trees.

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Springtime in Vt.

Hi all,
Four inches of snow and an infinite number of possibilities for an interesting picture. Rosie took this one from the warmth of the living room first thing this morning.


Female redwing blackbird, I haven’t seen the male this morning.

It looks like mid winter out there, thankfully for only one day. Stay warm folks. M.


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Hi all,
Except for deep in some coves, and that pile that blew up on the north shore yesterday, I think we can safely say the ice is gone. The ice out committee is planning to meet tomorrow to review the guesses and announce a winner. I’ll put out a note as soon as I hear the results.

Ken B. tested the limits of his camera this morning but he gets the prize for seeing the first loon of the season. This was between the east shore and Mountain View. Thank you Ken.


First boater was likely Kelly C. who had his kayak in on Sunday when there was just a few feet of open water between the shore and the ice.
I spotted the first escaped raft against the shore on West Shore Rd. late yesterday. One of its blue barrels was headed for Songa and another was nowhere to be seen. I’ll get a picture as soon as the weather improves a little.
My dock went in yesterday. The prize for that is that I didn’t have water come over the top of my waders as would have happened if I waited a day or two.
Spring is here. Mike

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Different viewpoints

Good evening all,
We had a great day here today with sunshine and temperatures in the high 70′s, what a teaser since we have a little accumulating snow forecast for tomorrow night.
Yesterday I forget to mention seeing an immature eagle go by a couple times. Tom O. had seen a couple of them by the island a couple days ago. I also forgot that Karen R. reported a possible bear on Mountain View. There has been a lot of bear activity in Cornwall but this is the only one close by that I have heard of.
This first picture is compliments of Sue P, taken from South Cove looking north. There is open water from that dock on the corner all the way to the island so those of us on the west side are home free as far as ice is concerned. The strong south wind broke some chunks off that area you are looking at but they drifted on right up the middle of the lake. It is changing rapidly but as of 2:00 it was still mostly ice from the island north except for a couple hundred or more feet of open water along West Shore Rd.

The folks between Songa and the entrance to North Cove were having a little problem with ice being pushed up onto their shore.

This all happened before 2:00 when I went up and

in spite of strong winds and plenty of ice out there, no more was being pushed up. Hopefully, what you see is what you’ll get. M.


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Bedtime last night

Good morning all,
I’ve been told that the keeper of the ice out contest records is out of town for a few days so we won’t learn who won until she gets home.

This was the view as we walked into our darkened bedroom last night.


Through the open window.


First thing this morning. I’ll try to get some shots of the northern part of the lake today. If anyone has some decent ones they would like others to see, please send them along. M.


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Ice out

Hi all,
I caught a picture of Lord Dunmore after he was knocked down by ice riding up on shore this morning. The cinder blocks and pallet went through and John E. says the official time of clock stoppage was at 8:10 AM.

The ice in front of us this morning looked as it did last night at dark but just before 10:00 AM, a crack opened up that stretched from Hooker Rd. to Cove Point and I could see a tiny open area about halfway from here to there. By noon, when the picture below was taken, that small puddle was probably 6 feet across.

By 2:00 the crack had widened and the first birds, buffleheads I think, showed up.

Things changed steadily after that with this picture at 3:40,

this one at 3:55,

and this last one for today just before 7:00. I unfortunately can’t put enough pictures on here to show the constantly changing shapes as areas of ice break off the upwind side of the open areas and drift to fill in the downwind edge. It’s just incredible to see, so next year you’ll just have to be here. As I took that last picture, I could hear geese around the corner to the north, can the loons be far behind. M.

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