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Hi all,
Power went out again this morning but GMP had us back on in about 3 hours. With the number of snow laden or broken branches that are still laying across power the lines, I’m surprised we have power at all. With temperatures that stayed a little below freezing and no wind today, there was little shedding of snow and it still looks like a wonderland out there.
Here’s a shot by Mary M. taken from South Cove looking NW.

121214 (8)

Here’s a beauty from Andy S, it’s looking from Sunset Lodge looking SE.


Another from Andy looking from Mountain View to the NE. Enjoy, Mike


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Dec 12, 2014

Hi again all,
Here are some wonderful pictures from Kathy D. that will give you a better idea of why the power went out. Also, it went out Wednesday midnight not Thursday. Time flies when you are having fun. Mike

Vista Lane

Detail ice and snow


Big pines

Snow filigree

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A little snow

Hi all,
We got blessed with a little snow here over the last couple days. This first picture is coming up Rogers Rd. at noon on Thursday and is there so you can see the wire is already being stressed by heavy branches.


A minute later, just before Lakeview. Then over Thursday night, we got another foot of the heaviest snow you can imagine. Power went out here around midnight and we got it back at 10:15 this morning. There was a couple inches of slush on the bottom.


This is from Bill P, taken yesterday morning.

Powers camp, 12 Dec 2014

And the only one I got yesterday, after I had shoveled the heavy stuff off and we got another dusting. The gray is indicative of what we have seen for several days.


This is today, just after 3:00 when the clearing started.


Then this.


And this.


This is looking out the side of the house. There are trees that have been bent over so long, they will not recover when the snow melts. They’ll just have to be cut to clear roads and power lines.


After I sat back in my recliner, the mountain lit up again and I shot from the chair. We are so blessed. I hope you all are safe and warm, wherever you are. Mike


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Views around the lake

Hi all,
Our snow topped off at 9” when it ended early Thursday morning. Flurries overnight Thursday night disappeared yesterday morning with a little blowing and a little sun, and the hilly part of our driveway quickly became useable again.
Except for the deep coves, the lake remained open on Thursday and Friday and below is a shot from Bill S. taken on Thursday I think. It looks like the view from Hooker Rd. looking north.


This morning presents a different scene. This is Bill P’s view from his place looking west.

Dunmore, 29 Nov 2014

Below is Kathy’s D’s shot but I’m not sure quite where. Maybe West Shore Rd. looking across the big lake towards 53. Please let me know if I’m wrong Kathy.


These last 4 are from Kathy too. It doesn’t make a bit of difference where, just enjoy. Thank you all. Mike





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Tis the season

Hi all,
Three hours of snow so far. It’s supposed to be done by 9:00 AM and leave 6”-12” in its wake. I did have enough sense to put the plow on yesterday.
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Those of us on the lakes have a lot to be thankful for. Mike



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The last couple weeks

Hi all,
All is quiet on the lake, as long as you don’t listen for the wind. No snow here yet and the cold has not been as far below normal as other parts of the country.
An immature loon was spotted yesterday by both Cilla B. and Anna M. Best bet is that it is ours but it might also be the one from Silver Lake who has come here to mature a little before leaving. Since Goshen tends to run 4-5 degrees colder than we do and Silver Lake isn’t so open, it wouldn’t surprise me if it was frozen there already. I’ll try to get up there over the weekend and take a look. The latest I’ve known the chick to leave here was the end of the first week in December, so this is not unusual. The last adult should have left here a month ago.

The pictures are over the last 3 weeks. The first two are from the 2nd. Still plenty of leaves and color then.


Notice the whitecaps. It seems we have had more of that than usual this fall.


The 3rd.


By the 9th, this tree is starting to get thin and the golden brown is losing the gold part. It still looks nice to me.


These last two pictures are this morning. The leaves are gone and we had the first skim of ice.. As I write this at 8:30, little breeze has come up and the ice is gone already.


With temperatures in the teens, it’ll be back tonight. Normal temperatures after that should hopefully keep us open for a few weeks though. Enjoy, Mike


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Not done yet

Hi all,
We still have a little color here, you just have to look in the right place. This first shot is over Mountain View.


Just off the deck for the next three.


Gold leaves and whitecaps yesterday.


Nicer skies today.


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