Excuse bolstering.

This was coming home from fishing midday today. We’ve had other days just like it. This is why e-mails have been so few and far between.


This is in Cove Point. We heard they started their restoration project by cutting down a very large tree and dropping it on the camp. I wish I had been there.


Late afternoon, dead quiet on the lake as I floated reading a book, I heard the first flock of geese for me this year. They kept heading south, another destination on their schedule.


This evening while eating supper on the deck, we were treated to this.


Progressing to this.


And finally this. How lucky we are. This is looking to the SSE for those who don’t know where we are. I can only imagine what it looked like to the west. Enjoy, Mike


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Soooo far behind in updates

Hi to all,
I apologize for the lack up updates yet again but it’s probably going to keep happening as long as the weather stays this nice.
The loon news is all good. No current pictures of the chick but we did see it and one adult swim past the camp on Friday. We didn’t see it yesterday or today in spite of all the time we spent floating around out there. We did get one shot of one of the adults though as you’ll see further below.
Allon and Marianne W, reported that the chick at Silver Lake is doing fine as of a couple days ago. One of the adults was with it at the time.
The adults should be leaving in about two weeks but the chicks will be around until mid to late November. We have exciting news coming re Silver Lake and Goshen Dam, I’ll let you know when all is finalized.

This first picture to show that the foliage here is yet to come. I saw spots of great colors in the streets around Middlebury this morning but best is still a few days away.


What a great way to view the scenery. I was a little envious but don’t know how to be on the boat or motorcycle and in a plane at the same time.


Colors are doing better up the mountain. This was the Ripton Lincoln Rd. from the bike yesterday.


Starting up the Lincoln Gap Rd, you get an idea of what’s ahead.


It just got brighter as I went uphill. There is still a lot of green left though, and not much brown yet. More pictures will be coming as the days go by.


Yesterday afternoon we happened into one of the parents I’m sure. It payed little attention to us as we went by. We’ve had others loons stopping on the lake that are obviously not as accustomed to boats. Its colors sure have faded since I sent the last picture out a couple weeks ago.
I’ve got a few more pictures I’d like you to see but I’ll send them in another e-mail so I don’t crash your computers. M.


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Good pictures

Hi all,
Loons here are fine, the chick and one adult have been down here at the south end every day. We’ve heard lots of tremoloing from flying birds, no way to know if it’s ours or a stranger checking the place out. As many as four adults have been seen together.
The family at Silver Lake is good too, but not easy to find. All three were there Monday but way down at the south end. They were feeding very close to shore too, very hard to spot.
If you still have a boat in the water, I’d recommend putting a bottle of drygas in the tank if you haven’t done it in a while. There aren’t many boats out there to tow you in either, I got lucky. Putting drygas in after the fact is iffy too, I got lucky there also.

Here’s a wonderful picture from Dale A, coming back to a sunlit boathouse after a long paddle. Very relaxing to me.

Here’s a few from Robin and Kiwi P.

Notice the cheeks on this parent

as compared to this one. That white at the base of the beak will now spread fairly quickly over the face as the season ends. I’m not sure why one starts before the other but it will happen to both, maybe this one is a little older than the other. These shots were from a week and a half ago, I’ll try to get some current ones for comparison.

The chick doing some extreme preening, always fun to watch once you know they are not in distress.


This is about half a flock of turkey vultures circling overhead a few days ago. I checked my pulse to be sure I wasn’t the reason they were there, they were just passing through I guess. We have lots of gulls passing through too, a sign of the season.

The super moon from the deck a couple nights ago, also very relaxing to me.

Jim R. sent this one along. Wow! Enjoy, Mike

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Found ski, and good pictures

Hi all,
I’m way behind on my e-mail, it has just been too nice out to be in. I’ll keep this brief.
Found, an O’Brien Performers water ski about 3 weeks ago – It’s white with orange and yellow swirls – good size adult ski.
Loons here are fine, they’ve been here on the south end when I’ve gone looking. I’ve had no updates in the last couple days re Silver Lake, I hope to get up there in the next few days.

Down the hatch. This is the one from Sue W. that I think I mentioned in my last mail. It was taken a split second before the one I took and is just so great.


From Sue also.


The picture below was taken using a lot of zoom and cropping, it was probably up 800-1000 or more feet up.

And I got it by looking where the chick was looking. A second later the chick dove and was gone. The adult nearby didn’t react though so I do believe it’s a turkey vulture. Sue or Ron, please let me know for sure. Mike


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Lost cat

Lost female tiger cat, near Kampersville, late Sunday, early Monday morning, 8/31-9/1. Her name is Little Girl cat. She’s very friendly and cute! Darker tiger, short legs, stocky build. She’s about 5 years old. Please call (802) 558-6315 if spotted. She’s greatly missed!!!
Thank you in advance for keeping an eye out. I’m so worried about her!!
Holly Bedard

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Big correction

These first two pictures are from Lisa Griffis, not Sue. Sorry Lisa. That’s what happens when I don’t send them along as soon as I get them. Mike

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Loon update

Hi all,
All the loon news here is good. Our loons have been noisy lately, probably due to visitors getting a little too close. I have had a couple reports of incidents of posturing but no real skirmishes yet.
The first two pictures are from Sue W, taken here on the 26th. Our chick is getting more mature by the day and you’ll have an excuse to come back and look again in a minute.

Sue does take a beautiful picture.

Our chick feeds itself but both parents are still helping it along. The chick gulped this right down.

These next two pics are compliments of Robin and Kiwi P. and were taken at Silver Lake on the 28th.

Comparing this chick to ours in the other pictures, you can see quite a difference. I went back through my photos until I found our chick with this amount of fuzz and I guessed this one was hatched 4-5 weeks later. Then my mind went to calculating the weeks to departure and if it will be mature enough. The year our pair nested on Mud Pond, that chick flew to Dunmore during the second week of September. Even born late, that means this Silver Lake chick should be able to make the short flight here by the end of October if cold weather forced it out of there. The adults should be gone by then so maybe it will even join up with our chick for company and then they can leave together.

We’ve had some great evenings for taking pictures and our loons have been very accommodating.

Below is our chick, taken on 9/1. I think I can see a little difference from Sue’s picture at the top taken a week earlier. They grow so fast.
If anyone hikes up to Silver Lake, please take your camera and pass along any shots you get. Enjoy the pictures, Mike

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