A little more color

Hi all,
Late summer like weather continues for us here and on a boat ride down towards South Cove we saw this colorful creature catching a few rays.

Sue Wetmore had a surprising visitor to her backyard. Folks can live here their whole life and not see a bobcat so considering that they are only a couple streets from downtown Brandon, I guess we all can hope.

Rosie popped out of bed with camera in hand this morning and got several wonderful shots to begin the day.

It was a half hour from the first picture to this finale with the sky in flames. Pretty for us though maybe not so much for the California folks right now.

Foliage is finally starting to pop a bit. This is in front of the Marriott in Middlebury.

West Shore Rd. just north of Songa is not quite as brilliant as it has been in the past but it looks good to me. Enjoy, Mike

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On & off lake

Hi all,
Sally, Marianne and Allon spent time this weekend moving the loon rafts at Silver Lake and Goshen Dam to dry ground for the winter. Hopefully it’ll let them dry out a little before springtime. It’s hard work and I thank them so much for doing it. The two chicks and one adult were at Silver Lake but the loons have left Goshen Dam.

Rosie had an old moonrise picture on her camera that I just downloaded.

Richard Hopkins sent me one he has been hanging on to also, from one of those misty mornings a couple weeks ago. I have no luck at all getting a good B & W picture but this is one.

Bert Allen sent along these next two from Ludlow showing that

the foliage there is pretty hard to come by also.

Andy Singer was up on Moosalamoo late last week and reports not much bird life but swarming with these. I don’t know if these are ladybugs or ladybug lookalikes.

Last but not least by far, Rusty Kent says the snow geese are at Dead Creek. For those who don’t know, it’s challenging to catch them there but a late afternoon or very early morning attempt can improve your odds. It’s an amazing sight to see hundreds of them coming or going all at once.
Thank you to all the photographers. Mike

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Announcement about our photos

Hi all,
We’ve encountered a problem with someone using photos from my mailing for commercial purposes without giving credit to the photographer and without getting permission to use the pictures in the first place. We want you to enjoy the pictures and we’ve always said that you are free to send them along to friends and family with credit to photographers as received from me. But, to borrow some words from FB, “All images are assumed to have copyright protection, whether or not watermarks or copyright notices are visible. PLEASE, do not copy photos from my mailings for commercial purposes without prior permission from the photographer! When sharing images taken by another person, ALWAYS give credit to the photographer.” If you are presently using our pictures for advertising on social media without permission or due credit, please remove them.
Basically, if you forward my mailings intact as many of you do, it is not a problem. If you are just sending the pictures along, please include the name of the photographer. To help make the process easier, I’m also going to start using the full name of the photographer when it is not me. If any of those who contribute pictures would rather I didn’t use your name, just let me know. Enough said for now, though I will periodically re-post the highlighted area above for a while.

From Kathy Dick, the first rays of morning sun.

Foliage as would be seen by Cilla and Alice if they could get their sculls to function on the Goshen/Ripton Rd. This is a shot from yesterday’s ride. Today I took a circular route from here to Benson and back and there were only two bright trees the whole ride. They weren’t in a good place to stop for a picture either. There is still lots of green mixed in with the brown and the bare branches so don’t give up hope yet. Mike

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A little foliage

Hi all,
We’ll start with a misty morning shot I had left on the camera.

Rosie and I finally took a ride uphill today, good color is very hard to find. There were a couple of nice yellows on the winding part of Rt. 125 on the way up but no place to stop and shoot. These oranges were just east of Ripton Village and that was it. Nothing at Breadloaf except a little green or brown and lots of bare branches.

Goshen Dam, finally! No loons in sight from the access and this little teaser of red. The hills behind are pretty bland.

The Ripton/Goshen Rd. provided us with a touch of yellow.

We had to stretch to find some real red in back of this field on the way down the hill.

They look pretty good close up and the hills behind them were a bit better than higher up, but still nothing like normal. Enjoy, Mike

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Quick loon update

Hi all,
Sue W. got up to Silver Lake and reports she saw the two chicks and one adult there. I forgot to mention that we saw our pair in addition to the single here yesterday. Maybe I’ll make to to Goshen Dam tomorrow.

Here we have a fallish evening as sent in by Louise S. as she views the Kampersville beach. This was taken Sunday night.

Ashley was roaming the neighborhood yesterday and sends us this shot of Mud Pond.

She also got this one from Brushes Cove looking across at the island and the west shore. Thank you Ashley for all the great pictures, that’s from all the folks on the list. The sunset a couple days ago brought several “wows”.

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Another wonderful day

Hi all,
The foliage is finally starting to happen here, especially in the hills over the lake. Our plan was to take a ride up there for some close ups but with temps again in the 70’s and

no wind, the lure of the lake and a hopefully good book won out. Several watercraft eventually came out as the afternoon went by but all were either paddling, idling quietly along, or just floating to enjoy the peacefulness of the day. Several friends, old and new, stopped by to say hello and we do appreciate that.

Our single loon showed up for a shot and his/her color is holding up as well as the female of our pair. I suspect that the male of the pair might be an older bird, seems logical to me anyway.

At one point we looked up to see a second bird had joined the loon and was within a couple feet. At first glance from a distance we thought it must be a chick that had flown in from somewhere. A ride over for a better look showed otherwise though. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a loon and duck that close.

Just before we headed in for supper, a flock of geese flew over. We’ll attribute the fact that they happened to be northbound to looking for a good place to land and not to confusion over the weather. Enjoy, Mike

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A quick one, loose raft on Fern.

Hi all

Here’s a great sunset here on Dunmore last night as captured by Ashley. I guess we should have stayed out just a little longer.

We have a loose raft on Fern Lake spotted by Rod M. It was headed north late this morning when he sent this. Rod was leaving when he saw it so unable to get it. If someone there can chase it down and secure it, let me know and I’ll let folks know where it is. Mike

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