And the winner is..

Hi all,
The winner of the Dunmore Dip is Preston Turner of Salisbury. He picked 1:06 PM, one minute from the official time of 1:05. Congratulations Preston.
From Bill P. we have this first picture of a loon on Silver Lake. It was taken yesterday. Thank you Bill.

Silver Lake, 24 Apr 2015 loon 4 cropped

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No loon pics yet

One and two loons have been seen and heard but no pictures yet.
Below is a visitor we had at 10:00 PM. We heard fluttering at the window as we were watching tv so we turned out the lights and used a flashlight to see it. It was there for several minutes, kept looking over it’s shoulder, and then fluttering to get in.


Sue thinks maybe a junco, frightened out of the nest by something.


A visitor to our yard a couple nights ago. One never knows what goes on under the cover of darkness. I’ve caught parts of it in the camera before, I think we are on a route it takes nightly. We also have what looks like a feral cat that passes through.

From Kathy D, taken yesterday morning. Enjoy, Mike


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more spring

Hi all, Tom O. reported a single loon just SE of the island yesterday afternoon. No picture so I’d thought I’d send this robin trying to get at the last of our suet. I don’t recall ever having a robin up there before.


The wind was giving it problems but


It hung on. Folks have been asking about Hummers so here is a map of their progress north. They aren’t very far from us so I guess It’s time to put their feeder out. I don’t know what they’ll eat otherwise. Thanks for the link Cathy M.


This afternoon, one more sign of the season. Enjoy, Mike


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Spring colors

Hi all,
Here’s a little black and white that we’ve been waiting for. Rusty K. got this on Fern Lake midday today. Thank you Rusty. Two loons were spotted on Lake Dunmore too, just south of Sucker Brook. They were too fast for pictures though. The season is on.

Bright colors are hard to find so I get them when I can.

The dove looked hard at those finches for a couple minutes, maybe contemplating whether to try those little perches or not.


The ice is out at Silver Lake, maybe loons there soon too. That’s Kathy and John D’s grandson shoveling ice against the tide.


Again from Kathy D, beautiful.


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More signs of spring, and no ice out winner yet

Hi all,
The official checkers of the ice out guesses were all scattered across the country last week. We should know who won by next Thursday or Friday.
The mergansers arrived as soon as there was an open patch of water. Tom O. saw an immature eagle take a fish a couple days ago and had three red necked grebes in front of their place yesterday. They are just SE of the island.

This was the last of the ice in our corner on Thursday evening. That ice left the shoreline on the right when the breeze shifted to SW. There is still a little patch down near the entrance to South Cove but that will be gone soon.


Also Thursday evening, Fern Lake was still mostly covered.


This was a few minutes ago on a moderate north wind. It’s surprisingly the first thing I’ve seen floating by this spring. The lake still has about a foot to rise to get back to summer level and we’ll see more debris as the water rises. Mike


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Ice is out!

Hi to all,
Jean E’s great-aunt, Margaret Waterhouse, was born on April 15 and she said that the ice almost always went out on her birthday. This year she would have been right. Official time from John E. is 1:05 PM. The powers that be will be checking the entries and let us know who won as soon as they can. I had a couple guesses today and missed by a little over an hour. That’s closer than I usually am but I’d be surprised if here aren’t a dozen or more who called it closer.
There is still plenty of ice on the lake but unofficial ice out in our corner was fun to watch. The first picture was 10:15 this morning.

Things started to happen quickly a little before noon and at 12:26 it’s really opening up..


1:21 and spring is here.


By 3:15 the dock was in with no worry that the water on the far end would go over my waders. If I wait a few days, standing on my tippy toes is about a half inch short of tall enough. I’m happy to have it done.


And this is the end of the day, 6:15. About half that ice on the right side was blown down from somewhere just north of us. I now need to hope the wind doesn’t shift to south before all that melts. Enjoy, Mike


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Another beautiful warm day

Hello to all,
This is how we started our day.

This is about 10:30 on our walk down Hooker Rd.

Just before noon, we can see a small patch of open water from the camp and

by 3:15 it has opened quite a bit.

Here’s a shot of the east side taken by Dede S. mid morning, the ice is looking dark.

From West Shore Rd mid afternoon, I’m guessing that ice will disappear early tomorrow if it doesn’t go overnight.

And this is how the day ended. Enjoy, Mike

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