loon update (forwarded from Petersburg)

Hi all,
First internet for a few days and the sign on the door says “Wi-Fi is slow and may not work at all. Please be patient”. In Glacier Bay a couple days ago I could get mail but couldn’t send any. It makes our service on Lake Dunmore seem pretty good.
The update from Sally B. is… “The Dunmore family is doing great. We checked today (Thursday)-gorgeous day, the family together in the cove across from the island on the east shore, lots of feeding. Beautiful!! Walked in to Silver-bird still on the nest, water level is holding with plenty of room. I’ll keep checking! Have fun!!”
Well, we are having fun. Wildlife abounds and, unlike the whales upon whales in the area, this sea otter in Glacier gave me an easy picture. I’ll likely send out one or two more shots taken here when we get home. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in a few days. Mike

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Photos from Jun 29, 2015

Hi all, Here are more wonderful pictures from Kathy D. Thanks Kathy. Mike

Great photo AM with Sue W

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New family

Hi all,
Internet service in Ak. has been very limited (non-existent where we have been), hence the slow report and lack of pictures. I’ll catch up when I can.
Below are two pics from Kathy D. just after the hatch on Saturday (I think). More coming when I can. Mike



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from Kathy D.

2 pm check. 2 chicks with 2 parents floating near north end of island inside signed area. Supposed to rain heavily next 2 days so traffic will be minimal. Great predicting hatch date Mike! Hope you are nearing end of your long journey by now. Have a ball! K. I took some pics Will send after I check them on computer. This is a hot off the water report!

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Milfoil Workshop Cancelled – due to severe weather

Milfoil Hand Picking Workshop – Cancelled due to Rain / Flood watch!
Two events for this are scheduled in July! Please sign-up there.

Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association's photo.

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behavior article

Hi all,
Rosie and I are (way) off lake at the moment but the nests are being closely watched by several folks. So far no reports of any chicks. My internet coverage may be sporadic for the next week but I’ll pass along news as quickly as possible.
Below is a great article about loon behavior that Eric sent and I’m passing along for all the real loon geeks on the list. So, loon geeks enjoy while others can just hit the delete button. Mike

american-scientist marking loons making progress.pdf

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High water

Hi all,
As yo can see from the picture of the nest below, the water on Lake Dunmore is a little higher than we are accustomed to seeing it. The water is dropping slowly now, the forecast is good, and GMP is running around the clock to get it back down where it belongs. The nest is fine but if you set your dock only 3”-4” above “normal”, you might want to make sure it and anything laying on it is not floating.

An hour ago, one was one the nest and the mate was floating close by. The mate tends to stay close as hatch time nears. I’m guessing it’ll happen Saturday, plus or minus a day. Enjoy, Mike


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