Zero and blowing

I should have sent these too. Great shots that show that winter here is not for wimps. M.

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Hi all,
February is drawing to a close and we are firmly fixed in winter mode. The temperature went a little above freezing yesterday for the first time in a month and we have been below zero on as many nights than not I think. In spite of that, it has been fairly easy to tolerate for us. No sense no feeling maybe. Rosie and I have talked a little about escaping but no strong desire yet. When it warms up a little on the Gulf Coast, maybe the pull will be stronger.
Below is a picture Bill P. got today. The mouth of Sucker Brook is now solidly frozen but otherwise it looks much like the one from several weeks ago. I’ll try to get a report on the actual thickness of the ice (over 2 feet?) but I think I can safely recommend that those of you who plan to take a guess at the date of ice out lean well towards later rather than sooner. Don’t forget to send your guess in before 3/15.

Dunmore, 25 Feb 2015

Taken 10 days ago by Kathy D, we get a little color as John heads out for the morning walk with the dogs. No new fangled snowshoes there.

Here’s one from August I think, just so we don’t forget. Doesn’t that look nice. Think spring folks. Mike

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Salisbury residents only

If any Salisbury residents are interested in joining forces to bring an option for internet service to town, please contact Jim Meyersburg.

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Fishing derby

Hi all,
This was the lineup as of noon today, so someone may have topped them by 3:00 when the derby ended.
The biggest bass is 4.34 lbs. The trout is 5.81 lbs. The Pike is 6.3lbs. The salmon is 3.87. So fellow fishermen, they are in there and we just need to figure out haw to catch them in the summer.

From Kathy D, here’s a great angle on one of those pikes. Don’t show it to the kids or they might never go in the water again.

Also from Kathy. It will be interesting to see what it looks like after we get the 5” to 9” forecast tomorrow. Stay tuned. Mike


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Hi all,
Here’s picture of some leaves with a screech owl in the middle. A wonderfully warm shot sent from Sanibel Island by Sue W.


Back here today, we had a pileated that worked on that hole for over an hour.


The calm after the storm. Enjoy, Mike


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Catch up photos

We live in a beautiful place and enjoy it because of, and admittedly in spite of the weather sometimes.

From Kathy D. on her AM dog walk on the 19th.


From the deck as the sun is just breaking over the mountain on the 20th.


And a little later.


Mid morning same day from Kathy.


Lastly, the Dick family enjoying the Peck rink as it should be enjoyed. Thank you Kathy.
We should have more snow pictures tomorrow, although not as much as they were talking about last night. Sorry skiers. Mike


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These first two are at 7:30 this morning. Three mornings, three quite different feelings to the lake.


Thankfully, very few folks in the state lost power.


Taken a few minutes ago. The temperature got to 32.3 degrees here this morning which took a little snow off the trees (but not off the driveway). It got no warmer all day though and it looks like it never quite made it to 32 a short distance uphill. With no wind, it really was a pleasant day. Enjoy, Mike


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