Birds & Ice

Hi All,
The near 50 temperature brought the birds out today. Looking out a neighbor’s kitchen window we saw robins, cardinals, a red wing blackbird, goldfinches, a sparrow of some sort, a hairy woodpecker, a grackle, and some crows. That was all in less than a half hour. Back here at the camp we added many bluejays, chickadees, a nuthatch, doves, and a red bellied woodpecker to the list. A few days ago, we had a couple ruffled grouse go across the driveway. They have been few and far between the last few years.




The warm temperatures also put a little water on the ice but it will be a while until that ice is gone. John E. measured 22” in front of their place yesterday. Come on Spring! Mike


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Spring & OOPS

The OOPS part is that I meant to send this yesterday but only sent it to myself. To make it a little more current, we woke up to 5 degrees this morning. M.

Hi all,
The first full day of spring yesterday was gray and windy. Relatively warm for us though with an almost normal high of 38. We haven’t seen a lot of seasonably normal temperatures this year, they have been running 10-20 degrees below that.

Last night was cold again, down to 12 degrees and it’s only 20 now midday. Nice and sunny though which does take the edge off. The ice isn’t going anywhere for a while, it hasn’t been warm enough to give us even a little water around the edge yet. More mail and pictures will be coming as soon as something happens to take pictures of.

Jordan D. isn’t waiting for something to happen and he took these of the south end this morning. They were sent along by Mary M, thanks to you both. Mike



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Great photos but not by me

The first from Heather S, some blue sky over their perfect ice rink.
The last four are from Ashley W, just beautiful. Enjoy, Mike





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Forgot one

Also from Ashley.


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Ice report

Hi all,
John E. reports 19 inches of ice with 8 inches of snow on top in front of their place here on Lakeview. There is no real warmup in the forecast yet either so consider that when you send in your Dunmore dip guess.
We had a nice weekend here but surprisingly never saw anyone out fishing. I have no idea why.
I haven’t taken a picture in weeks. I guess I’m waiting for something that isn’t white. Happy March everyone. Mike

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Zero and blowing

I should have sent these too. Great shots that show that winter here is not for wimps. M.

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Hi all,
February is drawing to a close and we are firmly fixed in winter mode. The temperature went a little above freezing yesterday for the first time in a month and we have been below zero on as many nights than not I think. In spite of that, it has been fairly easy to tolerate for us. No sense no feeling maybe. Rosie and I have talked a little about escaping but no strong desire yet. When it warms up a little on the Gulf Coast, maybe the pull will be stronger.
Below is a picture Bill P. got today. The mouth of Sucker Brook is now solidly frozen but otherwise it looks much like the one from several weeks ago. I’ll try to get a report on the actual thickness of the ice (over 2 feet?) but I think I can safely recommend that those of you who plan to take a guess at the date of ice out lean well towards later rather than sooner. Don’t forget to send your guess in before 3/15.

Dunmore, 25 Feb 2015

Taken 10 days ago by Kathy D, we get a little color as John heads out for the morning walk with the dogs. No new fangled snowshoes there.

Here’s one from August I think, just so we don’t forget. Doesn’t that look nice. Think spring folks. Mike

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