More color

Good morning all,
Ashley W. sent along these first three of some tenacious apples on a tree near the power station in Salisbury village.

These last two are how we started our day today. This first one at about 6:25 AM and

then about a half hour later. Enjoy, Mike

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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi to all
A picture of some remaining color from Kathy D. taken a few days ago.

Here’s a little ice in North Cove mid-day today that might not last through the 50 ish forecast for the next couple days. A year ago tomorrow we had a few inches of snow so I’ll add this wonderfully mild fall to the list of things to be thankful for. The best to all from Rosie and me. Mike


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Vt. at its best

Hi all,
I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to wander around in the Vt. woods a little the last few days, very peaceful.


Not a great picture but more of a deer than I usually see when I’m out there.


Rosie caught our sunrise this morning.


Why does a turkey cross the road? I had to make a fairly abrupt stop to let the trailing few get safely across. There are 9 in the picture, how many can you find? The 4 next to the road are easy and if you are able to expand the picture a little you’ll see 4 walking up the rise just the other side of the fence. The one you may miss is


this one who got a little nervous and decided to fly. Do you suppose it knows the date?

P1010684 – Version 2

Turkeys do not pose well, they moved right along. And the answer to why is “for some fowl reason.” Mike


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Hi all,
A (the?) chick is still here, no adults seen. In fact last Thursday, there were 3 chicks feeding here, 2 right together and 1 staying a couple hundred feet away. There is no way to tell who is who at this point.
Sunset Sunday was incredible. I actually missed my best shot because I didn’t have my camera right with me. This is in the woods in Benson.


Dede was alert though and sent this one. She noted that in homage to Paris, we’ve got the red, white and blue.


And from Ashley just a little further south on the lake we have another beauty.

In our little patch of growth between us and the lake, we’d have a completely naked birch tree


except for this 1 leaf on the very top. Support rugged individualism. Mike


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“Reflections from the Lake”

Please go to to see the Fall newsletter.

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Not great

Hi all,
Not great pictures but it was a gloomy day.

Our(?) chick here off Hooker Rd. It was close to shore and not bothered at all by my presence so I choose to believe it’s the right one. Sue W. saw another one across from us and yet another at the north end so my loon world is back in balance with at least this one still being here. Sue couldn’t tell if the others were adults or not. It’s hard to ID them at this time of year with the plumage being so close.


A water bird of a different color. 45 degrees and drizzling, we all have our passions.


Common goldeneyes here in front of the camp.


As I said, a gray day. Mike


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More local pics, no loons

Hi all,
Here’s a sunrise from the deck that Rosie caught.


This is a new view for us taken by Ashley. It from the top of Mt. Horrid looking to the SW towards Ft. Ticonderoga.


Today was just a perfect day, 60ish and I managed to get in a walk up to Silver Lake. With the lake that calm, I think I would have spotted a loon if it was there. I haven’t seen the chick here in a week either so we may have to declare loon season over. Interesting that after the adults stayed longer than ever before, the chicks left a week earlier than ever before.


Low tide at Silver Lake. Water level here on Dunmore is up a little higher than normal, full of Silver Lake runoff I guess. Enjoy, Mike


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