Dunmore Dip 2016

Here you go folks, guess early and guess often. Mike

From: ldfla membership <membership>

Subject: Dunmore Dip 2016 – 1st Announcement

Date: February 11, 2016 at 9:27:50 AM EST

This could be you holding a check for your winnings of the Lake Dunmore Fern Lakes’ ice out contest, ” The Dunmore Dip”.

Here is Lord Dunmore, back on dry ground and congratulating last year’s winner, Preston Turner, at the pay out of last year’s contest.

See Lord Dunmore at Kampersville starting February 6, and pick up your entry form there or various locations in Middlebury, Brandon, Leicester, and Salisbury.

$1.00 per entry, March 15, 2016, deadline.

Help support LDFLA’s milfoil control project. Click on entry link to print your own entry form. Mail entries to:

Dunmore Dip

PO Box 14

Salisbury, VT 05769

Pass this message to family and friends. The more entries, the bigger the prize.

Last year’s pay out was $980.00


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Wintery, finally

Hi all,
While I was out clearing our hilly driveway yesterday, Rosie got a shot or two of our now normal looking lake. It’s about time.

The morning sun tried to peek through but without much success. We had a replay of this same scene this morning too.

Rosie caught this one of an incoming. The fun thing about chickadees is that they don’t care if you are standing right there. When they want to eat, they want to eat.


Afternoon showed a near perfect day. Still no activity on the lake though.


This evening, we were fortunate to be sitting on the correct side of the lake to see the sunset. I took this shot and

and Louise S. # 2 got this one a couple minutes later. If you look back up at the picture above, you’ll notice ice way too wet to be safe for the fishermen. This is in North Bay just in from the bridge but we noticed that the north shore in Kampersville Bay is open too. The weather is forecast to get bitter cold starting tomorrow night so that should make a difference by Saturday. I’m assuming the derby is on so lets hope everyone stays on solid ice. Mike

z sunset 1

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This ‘n that

Hi all,
Someone asked about the lake level and this is the stake at the the spillway. The target in summer is 52” with a total of a 30” drop in the winter to protect boathouses and the shoreline from ice damage, and to make room for spring runoff. It looks like the level is a about 23 1/2” now so we may see another inch drop and maybe not. There won’t be much runoff if we don’t get some snow.

Looking across from our camp, these are the only 2 shanties I see on the south end of the lake.

It’s just bare ice from Hooker Rd. northbound.

This is looking SE from the point just NW of the island, the island is just out of the picture to the right. A normal year would have a couple dozen or more shanties in the picture. The derby will be this coming weekend so we should see some action out there.

A lot of time has passed since this was a live tree.

At some point, someone decided there should be a can inside. That may have been put there while the tree was still alive, the opening appears like it may have closed in around it a little.

Kathy D. did some skating yesterday and spotted this milfoil frozen in the ice. It’s a hard reminder of what we’ll unfortunately be facing in the spring.


We finish with a little color from Kathy, this female cardinal at their feeder. Enjoy, Mike


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Ice, derby

Hi al,
The first pic is from the deck first thing this morning and

these next two Ashley took mid morning. I’m assuming we had a little rain sometime during the night to have all this water on the surface. Temperature was 50 at midnight and after dropping a little came back up to that early afternoon but that wouldn’t make it look like this.


Mid afternoon, we see the ice retreating from the edges and


holes forming, maybe from a spring.


John E. measured the thickness yesterday and found 6” where there was 22” last year. In many places the ice is looking very porous which happens just before it disappears. The fishing derby has been rescheduled from this coming weekend to the one following but without some bitter cold weather to firm up the ice, they may be out of luck this year. We have “normal” temperatures forecast for the next week, “normal” meaning low 20’s at night and low 30’s during the day, and I doubt that is enough make it safe. I don’t know what all this means for Lord Dunmore and the ice out contest, it’s hard to have a contest if the ice goes out before the contest gets up to speed. I’ll keep you posted on that one. Mike


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February thaw

Hi all,
Lake Dunmore was looking a little damp this morning, Ashley got this shot from 53 just north of Branbury. By late afternoon we were looking at ice again after the water went wherever the water goes after we get rained on.


Temperatures in the mid 40’s overnight gave us a sneak preview of what is to come in another 6 weeks or so. I’m feeling like we are over the hump already. Even though I know we have plenty of winter yet to come, I don’t feel any pressure to push whatever snow we may get way back in the woods to make room for the snows that may follow. I sure hope I don’t have to eat those words. Mike


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It’s beginning to look a lot like….

Hi all,
Winter. Forecasted chance of flurries turned into a little more today finally giving us some AWD driving by late morning.

The ride up Rogers Rd.


and down Hooker was quite nice since I had no reason to hurry.


Ashley was out and about also and got this wonderful picture, a story in one shot.


This was our depth at about 2:00 and we got at least another 1/2 inch after that. It’s still coming down now but it’s very fine and not adding much. Enjoy, Mike


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Salamanders and snow squalls

Hi all,
Here’s some up to the minute news that will interest a number of you.

In response to a May 2015 petition from SAVE THE FROGS! and the Center for Biological Diversity, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has implemented a nationwide rule restricting the importation and interstate transportation of 201 salamanders species, effective today (January 28, 2016). The restriction is designed to prevent introduction of the deadly fungus Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans into the United States.
Learn all about the salamander ban right here.

And here are a couple of pics of the snow squalls that when through here yesterday afternoon. Thanks Karen R.



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