This morning

Hi all,
Single digits this morning and the south end is frozen over. The first pic is mine, Ashley’s house is just out of sight on the left side.

Ashley got this red bellied woodpecker this morning.

She also gives us her view of the frozen lake with our place out of view on the right side of the picture.

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A couple of days

Hi all,
Coming north on Rt 7 in Pittsford a couple of gloomy days ago, the sun broke through and lit up the hills ahead.

Yesterday morning, we awoke to a view of the lake just starting to skim over again.

Today, it looks a little like a winter wonderland and it is likely to stay around a while. The temperatures are forecast to stay below freezing both night and day for at least the next week. In addition to occasional flurries, we are scheduled for a few more inches of the white stuff on Tuesday. Winter is finally here, at least for now. Mike

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Yesterday and today

Hi all,
I’m getting behind with good picture and good information. Didn’t “they” say being retired meant having time on your hands. Not so around here.
Kathy Dick’s morning walk yesterday (I think) produced the super moon as viewed from Lake Dunmore.

Folks have been asking if the eagles were still around. At least one is for sure.

Here we have a frosty, colorful, hollidayish shot of a plant that Kathy probably id’d in her e-mail that I can’t find at the moment. Whether it is incognito or not, it’s beautiful. Thank you Kathy.

Folks have also been asking if the loons are still here. At least one is for sure. I spotted it feeding off West Shore Rd. in the afternoon. Cant tell from this picture but it looks like one of this year’s chicks.

Lots of wind kicked up about 3:00 AM, I think. Where did the ice go you ask?.

Right here.

Rosie says the picture doesn’t show the sparkle that was there. She needed sun which also wasn’t there. Thank you Rosie.
Enjoy, Mike

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Welcome to our morning

Good morning all,

Actually it’s good evening all now. I did this this morning and forgot to hit send. More good pictures from Kathy D. coming later.

We had a very light skim of ice yesterday that I thought would disappear during the day. Because of high wind, most of it held on and this morning we have a much more solid skim.
Rosie took this one, catching a bit of color about a half hour before the sun came over the mountain.

First peek of sun. It still has another few feet to move south (right) on the mountain before it starts its slow trek back to the north.

A little haze moved in as the sun rose. Enjoy, Mike

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Wake up view

Good morning all,
Temperatures in the mid teens last night gave us our first ice of the season on the south end. With a forecast in the 40’s for the next several days it won’t last but it’ll be ready when it gets cold again. Mike



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New morning

If you don’t like Vt. weather, just wait a minute. M.

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Welcome to this morning

Good morning,
Two eagles and two loons around yesterday. Today we have this and these. Mike

Too far out to get a good picture but not too far out to enjoy their presence.

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