A little more snow last night

Hi all
The fun continued last night and we woke up to an additional 5” this morning. That brings us up to 18” or so total I think and here it is, perfectly depicted on Louise Sandberg’s picnic table. Thank you Louise for the shot.

On my way home from town at about 10:30 this morning, the entrance to the fishing access shows it pretty well also.

Take me home country road, the upper end of Hooker.

This is the turn into Lakeview Dr. We had snow showers a good part of today too, including right now, but temperatures in the mid 30’s and an occasional light breeze cleared most of the trees by late afternoon. Thankfully, no power failure either.

Mort Pierpont got my heart pumping with a note that indicated a loon might be back. Turned out to be a hooded merganser. But, can loons be far behind?

I glanced out the window at the right time to catch this guy puffed up on a branch. It took me about 20 shots to catch him somewhat clearly between the branches and the large snowflakes that were coming down at the time. I do love to see a cardinal. Enjoy, Mike

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Spring in Vt.

Hi all,
Those of us here are well aware of what is happening but for those away I sent a note to make you happy that you are in fact away and not here. We are working our way through our third nor’easter in two weeks. Since yesterday morning, we’ve had a foot of snow so far here on Lake Dunmore though others in the state have enjoyed well over two feet. Another two to four inches are predicted overnight, and then un-needed snow showers after that. Daytime temperatures are predicted to barely reach the freezing mark too, about ten degrees below normal. Snowbirds, enjoy your decisions.

Catching up with pictures, Dede Snyder send a shot of her almost falling snow, very reluctant to leave that roof.

Kathy Dick sent along a picture of John and friend from several days ago, the last of the ice fishing on the lake.

The fruit of their labor looks delicious.

This is this afternoon and shows the advantage of a south facing driveway. It warmed well during the last sunny day several days ago and, with temperatures hovering near the freezing mark, melts off very nicely.

This shows the disadvantage of having a metal roof slanted at a set of steps you would prefer to have clear. And so our world remains in balance. Mike

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curling, Lake Dunmore style

Hi all,
We had a great day here today with part of the day giving us bright sun and high 30’s. Of course it’s snowing again now.
As the snow comes off our metal roof, it does an interesting curl before it breaks off.

Early in the day, Rosie got some shots of icicles that are forced to defy gravity.

Curling, Lake Dunmore style. Mike

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A little color to finish the day

Hi all,
It’s still snowing here, an inch or two today and another inch or two supposed to be coming tonight before it ends.

So instead of more white, here’s a pheasant that Sue Wetmore saw out in Addison a couple days ago. I grew up with lots of these in Ma/RI and wish there were more around here. I only see one once every few years.

Ashley is back in Ca. again and sent these flowers for us to enjoy, Mike

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We’ve heard from NJ

Hi again,
I heard from a reader in Ludlow that they have 18+ inches there already.
Eric McFerrin is in NJ and sent these first two pictures.

Andy Singer is also in NJ and sent this one with a note that they have had no power for days. It looks like Lake Dunmore is getting out of this pretty easily.

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Winter wonderland

Hi all,
3 to 4 inches of medium weight snow overnight has left us looking the way winter should. They are forecasting another 2 to 4 inches before it ends tomorrow so it looks like we’ll be plowing/shoveling a couple times. South and east of us got hit a lot worse and they are welcome to it as far was I’m concerned. What we have is just right. Mike

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Springlike on Lake Dunmore. No contest this year.

Hi all,
Mother nature is playing games with us here on and around Lake Dunmore. Several days of above average temperatures are lulling me into a false sense of “spring is here” and I know very well that thinking like that will come back to bite me on the butt. Temperatures have even stayed above freezing at night. That, combined with the bright sun has done an effective job of clearing our driveway, which is good but

it has left the ugly brown and dirty snow of late winter for us to look at. If timed properly, this would normally turn quickly green but no hope for that for another several weeks. The warmth has felt good to me, though not so much for the skiers.

It obviously has taken its toll on the ice. Today it showed a darkening that signifies that it is becoming porous, the beginning of the end. There is one shanty left out there that I know of, I don’t know if it is safe to rescue it at this point or not.
No ice out contest this year, I should have posted that 2 months ago. The early ice out last year meant a lot of work for little return for the organizers and left little enthusiasm for this year. If there is anyone out there who would like to run it next year, I can put you in touch with the powers that be.

From Carr Quackenbush and family we have a couple photos from a place where winter is apparently still like winter should be.

Lillehammer Norway, the site of the 1994 olympics has 6 feet of snow on the ground. It seems such a shame to me to see all that structure just sitting idle. Mike

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