loose raft

Hi all,
Anna M. reports a raft in the middle of the lake south of the ski course. That was at 8:30, it’ll be against the shore along Hooker Rd. or Mountain View by now. Mike

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Address for Sue’s husband

David Potter462 East Tinmouth Road,
West Rutland, Vt. 05777

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Sue Potter confusion

Hi all,
The note about Sue was a quick repost her daughter Caryn had put on FB last night. A few folks who didn’t know her assumed it was my mother and I thank you for the kind words, though 20 some odd years belated. Sue was a past president of LDFLA, a neighbor and a good friend. We will miss her.
I will get her family’s address and keep folks aware of plans for a service when I get them. Mike

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Sue Potter

Sue Williamson Potter was mentioned in a post.

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Caryn Casey-Hurka

6 hrs · Boston, MA ·

Today was the hardest day of my life. My mother, Sue Williamson Potter, passed away at 9:45 pm surrounded by her children, husband and family members all telling her how much we loved her. She fought the fight as you’d expect from her. She was one tough lady. Thank you to all my friends and family who were with me and supported my family during this time. She loved you all. She loved her family, her friends and a special thank you to the “ladies of the lake”. She wanted nothing more than to get back to you all. Rest in peace mom, I will love you forever and credit you for the strength, fight and stubbornness you have given to me and my children. RIP lady!

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Hazard markers, and birds

Hi all,
The hazard warning buoys have been removed so I hope those of you with boats still in the water have good memories. There’s 1 rock well south and 1 in the passage west of the island that will remain below the surface but easy to hit by even a shallow draft boat when the water level drops a little. The first change normally is a 6” drop starting on 10/1.

Today, sharp eyed Norm S. caught sight of our eagle being harassed by three birds I’ll let one of our knowledgeable birders ID. We were able to follow the flight path of the eagle

to a tree across West Shore Rd. after the it grabbed something from the water nearby. It must have taken us a half hour to get there but kayakers watching it made it easy for us to find.

No pictures but we also were lucky enough to see what I’m guessing are our resident loons feeding just off Branbury. I say ours because there were 2 close together and one a short ways away as I have seen them many times this summer. Norm S. also reported seeing the chick with one adult at Goshen Dam yesterday. No reports from Silver Lake in a while.

When an eagle is looking at you, you know you are being looked at. Mike

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Sunset last night

This one is from me, taken as I was coming up 7 from Pittsford.

WIght & Allyson M. had this view from their place in North Bay.

Ashley was paying attention too. Thank you all. Mike


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Different viewpoints

Hi all,
Jan D. reports seeing the eagle fishing in North Bay the last three days. I know it was seen regularly up there earlier in the season too.
The pictures below are all from this morning, the first three from Kathy D. and




this last one from Ashley W. Enjoy, Mike


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