Yesterday & today, stolen items

Hi all,
A friend reported that his gas can and life preservers were stolen off his boat which was moored a few feet off Indian Trail. The last time I remember something like that happening was 4-5 years ago. I guess it time to keep an ear tuned to the lake at night again.
No reports from Goshen in the past couple days but folks are seeing either one or two loons at Silver Lake. Since that could mean a nest, albeit a late one, Sally and daughter Anna took a hard look around the shore yesterday and found one bird but no nest.
We had a quiet day here yesterday though busy on the lake today. Our family hasn’t moved and all is well.

On a slow ride home, we got a glimpse of a pretty sky above.

Rosie had a visitor stop by to check out what she is reading. The dragonfly stayed several minutes before flying away. Mike

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Friday update

Hi All,
Rosie and I had planned to go to hear the great music at Festival on the Green tonight. But with air temp 80 degrees, water temperature 81, no wind and little to no boat traffic, it was just so nice here that we couldn’t tear ourselves away.

Up floating with the loons was the same as far as traffic was concerned. Really unusual for a Friday (or any) night with the weather this beautiful.

We caught a foot waggle from the chick right after we got there. That’s a big foot for a little bird.

Both adults were there

bringing fish after fish to the chick.

They were feeding 40’-50’ from the boat until the chick was full and

then they swam within 15’ as they went back to the north a little. It’s always a thrill when they come this close.

We’ve had a lot of our regular birds looking dead on our lawn lately. This flicker isn’t one of our regulars and thankfully Rosie was paying attention when it was here.

Like the doves, cowbirds, and even a crow one day, it was just sunning I guess and

flew away when she got too close after this shot. Thank you Rosie. Enjoy, Mike

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Point CounterPoint music

Hi all,
Here’s a chance for you to enjoy some wonderful music from PCP. Mike

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Found boat, and healthy chicks

Hi all,
A blue Pelican paddleboat washed up on Songa’s shore several days ago. To claim it, call Songa at 352-9860 and ask for Dorothy.

Here is our chick being well cared for by the parents. Here it’s day 9 and

day 10 taken by Kathy Dick.

Allon was up at Goshen Dam and got shots of the male taking a bath and

fluff drying afterwards.

Both he and Sally (there last week) report that the male is pretty relaxed around the kayaks but the female moves away if possible and gets upset if they drift too close. That’s something to remember if you get up there. Note the difference in size in these chicks and the one here. They are about twice the age and in this picture look about twice the size.

Here’s a monarch caterpillar Kathy found in the field next to their house. Nature all around us. Mike

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Wednesday night presentation

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Loonwatch day

Hi all,
Loonwatch day is two weeks from tomorrow. For those unfamiliar, it’s the day we try to survey all the lakes/ponds in Vt. at about the same time to try to get an accurate number of how many loons we really have. It’s the 21st any time between 7:00AM and 10:AM. We need a volunteer to take a hard look around Fern Lake, all of our other lakes/ponds are covered. We have 3 boats covering Lake Dunmore starting at 7:00 and we have seats available for anyone who knows what a loon looks like and would like to help try to find them. Binoculars are very helpful. It takes us about an hour and a half to circle the lake. Drop me a note if you can do Fern or would like to ride along on Dunmore.

I forgot to add Sue’s note that the lady slippers are ones that did not get the genetic prompt to flip around, the flowers are backwards.
I’ll be mostly without internet for the next three days so you likely won’t be hearing from me. In the unlikely event of a crisis with the loons, call here and Rosie will get help or help you find it. Mike

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Hi all,
I got one vote each for bear and raccoon on the scat ID, and a report of a large raccoon in the neighborhood. If anyone is sure, please let me know.
I didn’t hear from many on those plant ID’s so here’s a picture from Sue Wetmore of something we can positively say are lady slippers.

The most votes on this chick were for it being a broad wing. This is a closer picture from Steve Newkirk who says it goes from ground to stump and back.

The loon pics today are from Kathy Dick. She caught the chick with its head underwater in this one.

She titled this one “I’m hungry” Enjoy, Mike

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