Not a lake day

Hi all,
A power outage and an inch of rain so far today is all I have to report. Thankfully I got a couple very nice pics to pass along.
Per Sue W, this a seldom seen Nelson’s sparrow that she saw in Pittsford. Bird lovers can now head for the Pomainville WMA to try their luck at finding it.

Here’s a view of the lake taken from Rattlesnake Cliff by Steve C, yesterday I think. He said the colors are still to come, even up there and the later part of next week should be peak around here. Not a boat in sight but I can guarantee there will be one out there on Monday when the temperature is forecast to be in the low 70’s. I’ll have the camera with me. Mike

View from Rattlesnake
Steve Coon

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Getting close

Hi all,
If you have to run an errand from the lake, going out 53 to Forrestdale is the way to go right now. There are a couple full oranges and yellows too and it is only going to get better in the next few days. If you don’t see what you are hoping for along the roads, look a few trees back in the woods. I’ll try to get a bunch of pictures over the weekend for those of you not able to enjoy it in person. Mike


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Chick day again

Hi all,
The chick stole the show again today, I wish everyone could have been on board with us. In past years, I’ve felt like the chicks were comfortable around the boat but this one takes it to another level. When we shut down 60’-80’ from the feeding adult and chick today, it took a break to come over and show off a little.


From less than 10’ away it dove under the boat to come up only a couple feet away on the other side to then swim around the nose to do it again. It and the adult were occasionally hooting back and forth.



The chick went on what looked like a shoreline exploration along Hooker Rd. but scampered to deeper water when a car drove by.


Then out from under a dock to give a little fluff before going back to resume feeding. I wish I knew what was going on it its mind.


Here’s the foliage shot, not much yet but getting closer.


This parent is looking like it is ready to head back to the ocean. The adults should be gone within the next couple weeks. Mike


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Another beautiful evening

Hi all,
The loon chick and one adult were on the south end all day today. They fed right past us as we were rafted up this evening. Sue W. reports seeing a single (probable) adult on Silver Lake today. I hope that chick was off in a corner somewhere.
We got to see a sun dog and


then a double sundog this evening. It was beautiful out there though admittedly a little cool in a light north wind that came up late this afternoon.


Lots of interesting pictures as the sun went down.


I caught the little crew and then

the big crew as they went by. I couldn’t choose which after sunset picture to send, maybe I’ll be able to pick one by the time the next note goes out. Mike


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Hi all,
We’ve only seen one adult loon here in the past few days but we haven’t been on the lake much. If anyone else has seen them, please let me know.
Here’s a sunset over Boothbay Harbor, thank you Jean E.


The rest were taken on the lake today. Enjoy. Mike






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Natures light show

Hi all,
First is a sunset from Louise S. about a week and a half ago that I forgot to put on here.

sunset in the north cove

Here’s a sunrise view that you will likely never see from me again. I took it a week ago.


From Connie B, a shot taken this evening from McConnell Rd..


And from Heather S, further proof that I wasn’t paying attention. Thank you all for the beautiful pictures. Mike


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Loon update with too many pictures

Hi all,
We finally have some color here. Only one good tree but it’s a start.

Mike Korkuc

Loon chick came to visit today.

Mike Korkuc

It dove back and forth under the boat three times (I think this is only the second time in eight years I’ve gotten a picture of one underwater) but the third time it came up upset and

Mike Korkuc

went into a posturing position.

Mike Korkuc

Mike Korkuc

and finally settled back into the water while trying to look as big as it could. After the display it swam around the boat a couple times but was in alert mode. I’ve had a critter using the underside of the boat as a dining table, it eats the lake mussels and I’ve got a pile of shells under the back end. I’m guessing it’s an otter but haven’t seen it. Maybe the reason for the loon behavior is that the critter rides along on a pontoon when we go out and was there today. Or, maybe the chick just wanted to practice its tough guy moves. I’ve never seen a chick do it before so I don’t know.

Mike Korkuc
Both adults were in the area. This one came over when the ruckus started but just gave a wail and went back to feeding.

Mike Korkuc

I think the one above is the larger so it would be the male. Most years, the pair have lost their mating plumage at about the same rate so I’m guessing the one above may be a little older than the one below. Eric or Sally, please let me know if that is correct.
It was a difficult picking out pictures to send today, I had too many good ones to choose from. Enjoy, Mike

Mike Korkuc

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