A ride around the lake

Hi all,
Rosie and I took a quick ride around the lake first thing this morning. There are a couple good shots mixed in with the mess we have to deal with but it’s mostly mess. Unfortunately we have another potential similar wind event in the forecast for tomorrow afternoon and there are many partially broken and partially uprooted trees in the area that do not need that to happen.
Good news is that all the lake should have power back by now. Here, it was mid afternoon before it returned. Mike















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tree damage and more

Mostly east shore pics but one from Chris N. in the cove just outside the access and from Martha W, in South cove we got a note.
We have a kayak double paddle washed up from the storm. It is at our camp in south cove. We left it on the deck of our pontoon boat. We are at 13 Balsam Dr….camp is on east side, second from last camp. Storm blew the screen out of our porch window and two boat canopies were overturned opposite us. Martha W

Powers camp, 23 Jul 2016 1

Powers camp, 23 Jul 2016 2




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Quick storm

Hi all,
We had a bit of a cleansing here this afternoon when a brief but powerful storm went through. Not much rain but we had a little hail and I’d guess winds easily topped 50MPH which quickly brought the lake from flat to whitecaps and

carried things from north of us down to the SW shore.

Closest damage to us is at the corner of Lakeview and Birch Drive where the tree

that holds all our names got topped and took down power lines.

The same is true down Hooker Rd and

at the music camp. No injuries in our neighborhood but the power will be out for awhile. I’ve got some pictures of the east shore which shows that they may have gotten hit even harder than we did and if I can figure out how to download them I’ll send them along. Mike

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Goshen shots

Hi all,
Thanks to Allon and Marianne W, the signs are off the water at Goshen Dam and Allon got a couple great family photos while getting the job done. One chick is the final count there and we’re happy to have it. No explanation on what happened, I’ve sent a picture of the broken second egg to Eric. Mike

Goshen Dam family

Goshen family

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WOOHOO again

Hi all,
I spent almost an hour in the woods today off Goshen Dam watching the pair act like they may have had a chick be seeing nothing. The shot below was the giveaway as the mate came from quite a ways out to try to feed a tiny fish to the back end of the loon floating near the nesting raft. It didn’t draw a chick out but I just kept shooting and hoping.

I never did see the chick through the binos but when I blew up the picture below

I could clearly see the little head peeking out. There had been 8 canoes floating out there for a couple hours so maybe that accounts for the shyness. There were 2 eggs in the nest so there may be another chick hiding under there, I hope so.
Hopefully one of my kayak owning friends can get out and take a hard look at the nest soon and see if there is a clue there. We need to get those signs too and eventually drag the raft up on shore to keep it from getting waterlogged. Raft can wait but signs need to come out asap.

Another giveaway was the mates reaction to a kayaker coming a little too close. Even with the loss of the nest here on Dunmore, this has turned into a pretty good year. Mike

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Wednesday update

Hi all,
The news from Silver lake is that Tom O. got the shot below at 6:30 tim morning. He said the chicks were no where to be seen which makes sense. They were likely hiding under a tree branch near shore.

Later in the morning, Sue W. gave this report.
“Just back from looking at the loons. Chicks were being fed and it was quite a lovely domestic scene. The adult came in with a fish and uttered low calls to the chicks.
They were hanging out on the west side of the lake.”

Back here on Lake Dunmore, Mark T. reports.
Saw 4 loons on Dunmore last evening. There were a group of 3 south of the island. When I headed back to camp there was one north of our place. I have seen the three together for awhile now.

How many we really have in the area is anyone’s guess. Mike

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Silver Lake today

Hi all,
The proof is in the pudding, not great shots but good enough to know that are fine on day two. They were floating just off campsite #5.

The mate came from across the lake to deliver a tiny meal and then headed right back across.

Not much freeboard on the side of the nest, a couple inch water rise and a little wave action would have ended it all. A big thanks to Matt E. and the GMP crew for holding the level tight for the loons again this year. With the loons at Goshen Dam on the raft, the tides can rise and fall as much as they want to now.

I can see why the loons didn’t change location after the first nest failed, there is a ton of work in that nest. The loons on Dunmore sit on bare ground.

Back on Lake Dunmore we have a great picture sent in My Martha W. She says it was taken near the island by friend Wayne. Enjoy, Mike


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