Loons and signs of spring, finally.

Hi all,
A pair of loons has been frequently seen in and around North Cove, and Kathy has seen the pair below just south of the island the past couple evenings. Vicky R. has seen two down towards South Cove the last two mornings. One was chasing the other across the water yesterday. A pair are now being seen regularly at Silver Lake too.

In spite of the cold temperatures, signs of spring abound. Rosie shot this finch with budding tree this morning.

And Kathy has some yellow in front of their place.

From halfway across the world, Ashley sends these flying carp and

this boy with his mother just outside Tokyo. Thanks Kathy and Ashley. Mike

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Local(?) loons, and local jobs

Hi all, No pictures today but we have had a single loon, and a pair reported from the entrance to North Cove to just south of the island. Hopefully they are here to stay.
Songa has some job openings for the summer that might work for a seasonal resident. They need office help, both part and full time, part time drivers for their big vans, and someone to care for a 7 month old. For more info contact ellen or at 352-9860. Mike

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Busy couple days, & unusual bird news

Hi all,
Lets start with yesterday’s weather. Rosie got some great shots while I was in town in the morning.

Snowy here and even more in Middlebury, though I didn’t have the camera to prove it. Quite a day.

Another Rosie shot, she took many good ones and made it hard for me to choose.

Yesterday afternoon I saw 4 loons floating a ways out in front of us so snapped the shots just to document that they were here. When I downloaded them this morning I could see one was different so I went to the ID site and guessed it was a red throated loon, fairly uncommon around here. Well, I guessed wrong. The experts say it is a pacific loon, very uncommon in these parts.


They stayed a couple hours and eventually drifted off to the north. I did not see them today but will be watching tomorrow, just in case. I’’ll put a note out ASAP if I do see it/them again, then I’ll prepare for the many bird folks that I’ve been told will show up.

This morning was a beauty, albeit cold. That is a heavy frost on the raft, all the snow is gone.

Here is one of Kathy’s frost laden flowers, Thanks Kathy.

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Spring in Vt.

Hi all,
I don’t have much in the way of loon news. A single was reported at Goshen Dam and here yesterday, and an adult with a sub-adult close by was seen at Button Bay a couple days ago. I don’t recall ever seeing adults and sub-adults keeping company outside the parent and chick relationship but I guess it happens.
I scrambled the pictures today, I’m pretty sure the first is Ashley’s and the rest are compliments of Kathy D. The first four were taken a day or two ago.

And this last one was today. More taken today will be coming tomorrow. Mike

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The last couple days

Hi all,
After a false start on Tuesday when I got about a hundred yards from the access before it quit, the Loonatic had an uneventful trip from re-launch to the dock yesterday. It felt so good.

On a short shakedown ride today the only loon we saw was Warren R’s artwork in front of their place. What a beauty. Other loons in the area were a pair at Goshen Dam reported by Tom O, a single at Silver Lake seen today by Maryanne and Allon W, and a single here this evening reported by Anna M.

Warren’s loon was peering down on this non-loon, another of his creations.

We’ve get to throw a little color into the mail with this skunk cabbage and

reflections in a vernal pool sent in by Ashley.

And we finish with the moonrise this evening taken by Rosie and

the follow up I got when she told me to look outside. All this at 60 some odd degrees too, what a day. Mike

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Loons are now here, here

Hi all,
No pictures but a single adult was reported yesterday off Songa and today off Keewaydin. This afternoon we saw a pair feeding across the lake from us, too far for a picture. The male yodeled at a passing speedboat that was still quite far away, as last year’s male did.
Spring is officially here. The Loonatic will go in the water tomorrow if preparation goes as smoothly as I hope. Mike

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runaway dock

Just came around Brush Point heading south towards Branbury at 9:20.

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