Springlike, and lots going on

Hi all,
It has been crazy weather here. We broke the February high temp a couple days ago with mid 60’s and today we set an all time high winter record with 72 degrees. Winter is Jan/Feb/Mar in the eyes of the weather service. We have flocks of finches in the yard as well as several robins and I saw a large flock of canada geese flying north this morning.

Kathy D. sent along a picture of John already tending spinach and lettuce.

We have about 4’ of water around the edge and the ice itself is looking porous.

Also thanks to Kathy, we can see the Falls of Lana running heavy down to Lake Dunmore.

All the above has gotten Lord Dunmore out to his spot overlooking his cinderblocks and if you intend to make a guess, I’d recommend getting it in the mail ASAP. As I type, we have moderate rain and are listening to thunder and although the temperature is supposed to drop to freezing tonight and tomorrow night, it’s supposed to be high 40’s on Monday. You can scroll down for your printable ice-out form. Hurry, hurry, hurry. Can I be any clearer! Mike


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Hi all,
Weather here has fluctuated wildly and I got a report of someone going through the ice here on the south end yesterday. After walking across the lake, they reportedly were close enough to shore that they could touch bottom but after climbing out, went through a second time before rolling away from the hole to get safely to shore. Scary situation and warm to VERY warm weather is forecast for the next several days.
That is two people I know of this year that have gone through and thankfully been okay. Please use caution. And think about getting your ice-out guesses in or you might miss it. Mike

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For the birds

Hi all,
We’ve had a couple days of light but fairly steady snow that has left us with about 5” here. Road crews have had little rest since it has been just enough to keep roads slick through three commute times. Our recently plowed driveway below is a good example. No wind and temps in the high 20’s made it quite nice out though, just the way winter should be.

The birds at Kathy’s house in the last couple days have included this house finch and

this cardinal for color.

Our resident doves had company this morning. I can’t remember having a cottontail down there before.

Rosie caught several birds on and around our feeder today, including this finch.

She got a little lucky with this airborne chickadee.

It took her several shots to get this raven (I think) through the snow covered branches. We’ve got snow buntings in the area too, I saw one on Rogers Rd. on the way home mid morning. It’s the first one I’ve ever seen close up I think. Enjoy, Mike

The view out our side window when the sun peeked though is pretty relaxing.

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A perfect ice out guess

Hi all,
Shirley & John Carlson are selling their 1990 Mastercraft Pro 190 ski boat. It’s in great shape. You can contact them for details. salcarlson5
Thanks to John Emerson (who we will now consider our resident statistician if his calculations prove anywhere near right), ice out will be April 6th at 11:31 AM. I’ll be happy to give equal time to anyone else willing to run the numbers and make their own early prediction. The prize will be a loon watch ride with Rosie & me this summer, that’s in addition to all you’ll make if you have put your money where your guess is. My early prediction is March 30th at 10:47 AM just because I feel like making a guess. Deadline for the boat ride guess is a week and a day from today, Feb. 20th.

We finish with pictures of a visitor to Kathy D’s neighborhood this morning.

Hunting must be good, it looks very healthy to me. Mike

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Previous ice out dates

Hi all,
For those who think the previous ice outs might help with guessing this year’s date and time, here you go.

2009 – 4/29 3:20 PM
2010 – 3/18 12:47 PM
2011 – 4/11 10:03 AM
2012 – 3/13 10:15 AM
2013 – 4/1 4:38 AM
2014 – 4/13 8:10 AM
2015 – 4/15 1:03 PM
2016 – 3/2 1:26 PM

Now we need a statisticians out there to come up with the average date and time to share with us and how can we lose.

Winter has settled in here for the present and Kathy D. sends us this frosty window to enjoy.

Not taken today but could have been, a beautiful winter day from Ashley. We only got 2”-3” of snow in yesterday’s storm but the weather guessers are calling for that again tonight. Right behind that, they are saying 6”-12” from Sunday into Monday here in the valley and a foot plus in the mountains and along the coast. I put that in here to make all you snowbirds feel even better with your low to mid 70’s in Fl. and other points south. It has been a long time since we had a real storm here so I’m actually looking forward to it a little. Good pictures should be coming. Mike

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Dunmore Dip time

Hi all, It has finally turned to real winter here with 4’ of fresh snow and a 12 degree temperature at 3:30 in the afternoon. Lets get those guesses in and make it the best pot ever this year. Just click on the entry form at the bottom to print it out. Mike

Lord Dunmore is back and enjoyed the Fishing Derby last weekend. Now he is on to more serious matters to save the Lakes from the milfoil invasion and solve your Valentine’s present dilemma. Enter the Lake Dunmore Ice Out Contest by filling out the attached form below in the name of your Valentine.

Guess Date and Time the ice will go out.

$1.00 per guess

Print the attached entry form below and mail it with your check to:

Dunmore Dip

PO Box 14

Salisbury, VT 05769

March 15 deadline or before the ice goes out.

See Lord Dunmore at Kampersville where he is keeping warm before to making his voyage to Lake Dunmore.

Please pass this message on to friends and family.


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More derby pics

From Bill P, the family side of ice fishing.

From Ashley we get the fishing scene

in living black & white.

Also from Ashley, an addition to the board after I was there. That is one big catfish. Mike

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