The season continues

Hi all,
I’m a day or two behind so it’s time to catch up. Route 125 always has some beautiful spots this time of year. These first several are from David A. on a ride a little each way from here a couple days ago. The first one is going through Middlebury just coming up to the hill to the college. Lots of color for now and still lots of green still to turn.

Coming through East Middlebury, the colors always seem a little more vivid on this stretch of road.

z ’16 Fall Colors 7

Breadloaf campus as it was a couple days ago. I’ll bet this storm puts an end to the need to go uphill anymore. Well, at least until the snow comes.

This one is from our window on Friday morning. “Red sky in the morning” proved true this time.

Another consistent “wow” is the stretch by Waterhouses, taken yesterday morning. Hopefully the yellows by Songa will last until the sun shies again. Enjoy, Mike

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Bryant Mt.

Hi again,
I just heard from Tom O. that they encountered several bear hunters up there and were asked to stay away through bear season which ends 11/20. Sounds reasonable to me.
Since I had to send a mail anyway I figured you deserve a little more color. The first from Ashley and the last two from Kathy. M.

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Wednesday’s treat

Hi all,
Many photos today, I hope not too many for your computer to handle.
We start with one from Ripton sent by Mary M.

Several from Ashley, all beautiful.





We finish with Kathy D’s contribution.

These trees are an explosion of gold from either side and always a wonderful treat as we come up Rogers Rd.. I’m happy for the much needed rain in the forecast but I hope some of these leaves are still there when the sun returns in a few days.

We are close to peak here but the green shows that the show isn’t over yet. Enjoy, Mike

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color and more color

Hi all,
For those of you who thought the Pine Tree State was all pine trees we have proof to the contrary from Ann C. in Ellsworth Me.

Closer to home, I got this one yesterday at Waterhouses. I hope to get these and the ones by Songa when they hit peak in a day or two but they may be without any sun if the forecast holds true.

I sat up at Silver Lake for a few minutes yesterday, no sign of the loon family but the serenity made the walk up there worth it.

This is Ashley’s take on the fog yesterday morning.

She caught this one on her way into MIddlebury.

From her kayak I presume.

Speaking of serenity, here’s a bit of the Lake Dunmore version left over from yesterday. Enjoy, Mike

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Lake Dunmore beauty

Hi all,
The first two are from Suzie C. taken from her kayak on Friday.

We had a little fog this morning and folks managed to see the beauty in it. The fog sandwiched between two moons is from Lloyd K.

Rosie was on the ball while I was off the lake and these next two are from her.

We finish with one from Kate W, looking NE from Mountain View. Thank you all. More foliage shots coming tomorrow. Mike

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More great shots

The first two are from Andy S. and the last three are from Bill P, all taken around Silver Lake. Thank you. Mike



Chandler Ridge looking west, 15 Oct 2016 edited cx

Chandler Ridge looking east, 15 Oct 2016 edited cx

Truly at rest at Lake Dunmore 15 Oct 2016 8 cropped cx

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Loon update and Saturday’s color

Hi all,
Andy S. reports the two chicks and one adult were at Silver Lake yesterday and he heard the adult wailing. Maybe the other parent is still in the area too but it/they should be leaving very soon. One loon is still being reported at Goshen Dam too but it’s unclear if it is an adult or chick.
We heard some extended tremoloing here yesterday afternoon and Louise S. saw the eagle this morning so I can’t help but think that the eagle could be what had the loon upset since there are few boats on the water.

First pic is from Louise S. making an attempt at an artistic photo, her words not mine. It looks very artistic to me.

I got this leaving the Middlebury rec center this afternoon. It’s still not peak here is the valley but you wouldn’t know it from this picture.

The last three are from Kathy D. taken from Bryant Mt. at the north end of Lake Dunmore. Every time Kathy sends pictures from there I say that I’ve got to take that hike. Soon. Thank you Kathy & Louise. Mike




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