More spring

Hi all,
Still cool in this part of the country but more signs of spring show up every day. Kathy D. gives us some trailing arbutus and

this forsythia. Any color looks wonderful this time of year.

I’m still batting zero for loon sightings but Jackie B. got a shot of this pair off 53 just north of Branbury.

Tom O. saw this pair plus a single at Silver Lake today, and a pair was reported at Goshen Dam too.

The last couple signs of spring are Sue W. having a 14 ft. canoe for sale, and this painted turtle sent by Ashley. If you would like more info on the canoe, let me know. Mike

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Spring has sprung.

Hi all,
Not much happening around here yet. Seesawing weather gave us an 80 degree day today but it’s just a tease, now it’s back to normal 50’s for a few days.
Only rare loon reports so far. Calling was heard at the north end this morning and Ashley got the long shot a couple days ago here.

Bill P. saw this one up a Silver Lake a couple days ago also, at least the ice is out. Sally reported some ice still on Goshen Dam today and I plan to go up there tomorrow to do at least part of the work needed on the nesting raft if I can get to it. It feels good to get the season going. Boat won’t go in for a few days at least, but I’m ready.

If there is one thing better than a picture of a pileated , it’s a picture of 2 pileateds.

They were hard at work on that stump at the end of our driveway and escaped to their respective trees as we drove closer. It didn’t take them long to return to work. We could hear another one working a couple hundred feet down the road too.

A late happy Easter to all. Mike

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Spring is, and loons are here

Hi all,
Spring arrived with 78 degrees here today and only slightly lower forecast tomorrow. It seems odd to see ice down towards South Cove but I can’t imagine it will last much longer.
I have no pictures of the loons yet but threw a picture of a few of the many mergansers we are seeing in front of us. I got a report yesterday of a pair of loons off Keewaydin and a single near Waterhouses. I wish they would wander down our way.
The water level stayed stable overnight at about 39” on the marker at the spillway. Summer level is 50” plus or minus a couple inches so we do have enough water to carefully get out of the access if you know which way to turn as you go through. Our boat is not quite ready to go in yet, but it won’t be long. Mike

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6 days of change

Hi all,
March 30th, ice across the south end.

April 1st, 24 hours of snow gave us a couple inches where it stuck which thankfully wasn’t the driveway or the roads.

It looks like mid winter on the lake.

The big lake is wide open but no one will be using this canoe anytime soon.

The ride into town that morning was beautiful.

Mid afternoon on the 3rd, we can see the lake opening up on the east side.

10:40 on the 4th, winds have enlarged the opening most of the way across.

By 1:00, a couple hours later, we’ve just got a few feet of broken ice on our shore. When the wind is strong, the ice breaks up quickly.

Late afternoon, Kathy D. shows us that the ice in the area around the island was still there, maybe protected form the wind.

This morning we still had a little broken stuff on our shore but by late afternoon we are clear and the dock is in. Chrissy S. and granddaughter Cadence got the honors of first kayakers this afternoon, I was too slow to get a picture though.

Lots of rain and wind forecast for tomorrow and Friday, that should take care of the ice we can still see in the coves on the other side. Can spring be far behind. 70’s by next week, welcome to Vt. Mike

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Quiet around here

Hi all,
With March weather becoming very like February should have been and the subsequent re-freezing of the lake, it is very, very quiet here.

So, thanks to Bill P, we start with a little very old news. Bill tells me Crystal Beach was just south of us at the corner of Hooker Rd. that became the Brebeuf Boys camp and is now privately owned.

Brandon Union, 9 Jun 1932, Dunmore fire Crystal Beach

We do have some great bird pictures thanks to Rusty K. This peregrine was local but

this great gray owl has caused a great many local birders to make the trip to Newport NH where it has stayed around a while.

My bird sighting lately have been limited to a few mergansers as I travel West Shore Rd. The trumpeter swan was still in Brandon as of a couple days ago though and thanks to a reminder from Cathy M. and Lana R, the DC eagle cam shows one chick hatched this morning and the second should be by the weekend. Here’s the link so you can watch it live, a little good news from that area.

The picture below was just taken to show you what our last few days have looked like. The snow and ice are melting slowly with the lack of sun but I would expect the ice in front of us to disappear quickly the next time we are lucky enough to have a cloudless day. Mike

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A weeks worth

Hi all,
It has been very quiet here on the lake. The results of our big snowstorm is being gradually eaten away by bright sun (until today) and temperatures near 40 degrees. Perfect early spring weather.

Allon W. caught this great swan picture back on the 11th but had to include it today to start us off.

Here’s our sunrise on the 16th

followed by Kathy D’s sunset that evening.

Kathy started the first day of spring with a bluebird and

this shot of the swan which I was surprised stayed through the storm.

Bill. P. updates us on the state of the ice with

these two shots, also taken yesterday. The south end in front of us is still frozen across but the snow on top is darkening as it melts. The melting will stop tonight as we enter a couple days/nights of January weather before warming up again.

If anyone is planning on viewing the swan, you haven’t missed your opportunity yet. It can be seen from 73 if you catch it in the right spot, though it’s a long way away. I used the binos for several minutes today before getting lucky. I couldn’t see it in sleeping posture without the glasses even when I knew where it was. If you are going to try, drop me a note or call and I’ll give you the best directions I can. Mike

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We have a winner

Ice out official winners….

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