Commemorative plate

Hi all,
Does anyone know the history of this plate. Neighbor just got it and it’s beautiful. They (and I) would like to know the artist. Mike

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Sunrise and

Hi all,
Here is our and

Kathy D’s view of the sunrise today.

Kathy’s view of Ashley this afternoon getting in one more skating session before the snow got here. We’ve got a dusting already with 1”- 3” overnight in the forecast. It will be a different scene tomorrow. Mike

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Large crack

Hi all,
After sending the mail yesterday that contained the caution from Kathy about avoiding the large crack, I received a note from one of the folks on the list. He said a family member had tried to cross the crack on Sunday and had indeed gone through the ice. He fortunately was able to pull himself out and make his way to Branbury where someone gave him a ride back to his car at Waterhouses. A tragedy fortunately avoided, and I hope enough said. Mike

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Ice report

Hi all,
People have been asking about the ice and here it is. Not a lot of pictures but what is here tells a story.

Pictures by John D. show Ashley, Chris N, Deb W. and Kathy D. enjoying a skate across untouched ice from Sunset Lodge to the island. Kathy estimates a minimum of 4” on the ice they covered but says there is a large pressure crack from Sucker Brook north towards North Cove that she would advise staying away from. I saw a number of skaters at Waterhouses when I went by about noon but they were staying right there at that time.
Jerry B, on 53 just north of Branbury says he hasn’t seen anyone on the ice on that side yet.
The thickness from the island south has to be 10” or more so no problem there.
Fern Lake is also reported as 10” in a second hand report I got but I can’t imagine less.
Rarely do we get ice this smooth. Come, skate, enjoy. Mike

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January thaw, and eagles

Hi all,
At least one eagle is still in the area. I think it might be giving the folks at the fish hatchery fits since I saw it just down the road from there. With the lake frozen over, that’s where the next closest fish are. The statewide mid winter eagle count is on until the 18th so if you see any, or have seen any since the 4th, please send the report to Margaret Fowle mfowle. She is looking for date, time, location, number, adult or immature, and any interesting behavior.

The first three pictures today come from Sandy C. and were taken on her hike up to Silver Lake a couple days ago. This was after the rain and during a 40 something degree spell we had. I really do need to learn how to use the panorama function on my cameras, this is just great.

On her way down, she gives us this and

this look at the equally wet Lake Dunmore. It’s just surface water though and

Rosie’s sunrise shots show us all frozen again.

The look across this afternoon shows smooth ice, where are the skaters and/or iceboats?

Fishermen were out yesterday splashing through the puddles but nary a soul today in our view. With the plummeting temperatures late afternoon and this evening, the groaning of the expanding ice is pretty steady again. We sleep with a window cracked and it’s just amazing. Mike

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Week # 2

Hi all,
We are well into the second week of the new year and winter quietness prevails. Since this list started with loons, here’s a welcome update from VCE.

The 33rd Annual Vermont LoonWatch Sets Records

Citizen scientists have joined us on the third Saturday in July every year since 1983 to help census Common Loons across the State. LoonWatch is the single most effective way for us to get an annual snapshot of the locations and numbers of Common Loons. In 1983 volunteers counted a mere 30 adults. This past summer, volunteers visited 153 lakes and recorded 301 adults and 74 chicks. Over 70% of surveyed lakes were occupied by loons. Thank you to everyone for all your help. Learn more about the Vermont Loon Conservation Project and consider volunteering next year to help keep Vermont’s loons yodeling for future generations to listen in wonder.

Locally, Tom O. has had a couple of regular visitors to his feeder. The consensus is that he has a sharp shinned adult and

an immature coopers hawk.

We had a beautiful start to today. The color stayed full for a long time, great to just sit and stare at.

I’m expecting some pictures from from Kathy D. too. She was nice enough to call when it started to make sure we were up to enjoy it. At least I think that’s why she called, the call came from her cell and I only got an occasional syllable but I’m fairly confident this was the reason.

It has been below freezing for several days and

the north end of the lake is solid across. Ice boaters and skaters would love it if it stayed this smooth and just got thicker. Lets hope it got thick enough to withstand the next couple days in the 40’s with some rain. Sorry skiers. Mike

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Into the new year.

Hi all,
My new year’s greeting from my critters to yours brought this from Mary W. in Simsbury Ct. She says she doesn’t put her feeders out until mid November to avoid feeding the bears but this mama and her two cubs apparently don’t know that they are supposed to be hibernating by now.

Here’s another 1/1 photo, this from Kathy D. of a vireo nest taken on her walk at Button Bay.

Still on the first, the day finished for me with a beautiful sunset that I hope is a harbinger of many more to come through the year.

The lake news is that the north end changes from open to closed every other day while the south end goes from snow covered to wet to

great skating as Ashley demonstrates here. Kathy D. got the shot. Speaking of skating, Lynne and Glen Peck who are near the end of Winding Way have extended an invitation to skaters to use their rink. They manage to keep a sizable area at their place much more well groomed than I would think possible. Waterhouses plans a skating area this year too but you’d better give that one a few days to thicken up before trying it.

Here’s a view of the lake from Rattlesnake Cliffs taken by Freda S. on Monday. She used the panoramic setting to give us this beautiful shot. The north end has skimmed over and reopened a couple times since then but got a good covering last night. With temperatures well below freezing both day and night through Tuesday, I hope the ice cover can withstand the 40’s forecast for mid next week.

We again close with some bright color from Ashley. I think I always close her because she is such a tough act to follow.
Thank you all for the great pictures to share. What a wonderful way to start 2017. Mike

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