A weeks worth

Hi all,
We have a weeks worth of pictures for you, starting with a Kathy D. shot of how to Enjoy grandkids.

Also T’day, now with Ashley W. enjoying probable grandkids. That centerpiece is a Hubbard squash grown in John D’s garden.

From Diane D. we have a robin enjoying the last of the berries.

Proof the snow geese are still there in Addison comes from Tom O. No picture to back it up but Sue W. reports two single loons still here on Dunmore yesterday. Also a single chick reported on Champlain in Addison, that by Diane D.

That hill on the right side is the one Kathy D’s grandkid was sliding down a few days ago.

We’ve had lots of warm air over cold surfaces these last couple days. Rosie took these last two (and a lot more) foggy ones from our upstairs window yesterday.

It was a different scene every few minutes. Enjoy, Mike

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For the birds

Hi all,
A happy thanksgiving day wish to all starts with this North Cove loon that Jane M. reports has been feeding in that spot for several hours each day.

We have happy chickadees who will often be coming in for a landing before we get our hands off the feeder.

We finish we a shot from Andy S who reports “this morning a Merlin attacked the birds at my feeder. This guy flew into my kitchen door and was initially unconscious, then slowly recovered and flew away.” Certainly a cardinal, with something to be thankful for.
Rosie and I wish you all a great day. Mike

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Ho Ho Snow

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Weekend update

This gallery contains 7 photos.

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Correction, and help needed

This gallery contains 3 photos.

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Catching up–again

Hi all,
We still have loons here on Lake Dunmore. We could hear one wailing clearly today though couldn’t see it even though it was dead calm.

Have we got pictures for you. Here’s one from Ashley of a beautiful sunset over that other lake a few miles west of here. It’s looking over the Burlington waterfront.

Still on that other lake, now in West Addison and the only picture I can recall of snow geese that weren’t in a cornfield. We have Diane D. to thank for this one.

Now back on Lake Dunmore for a minute, we have Kathy D’s view of the super moon rising over Mooselamoo.

Our view from the deck is pretty nice too.

Below is from Allon W. and, for the SLR people, his note with it. “Attached is a photo of the super Moon taken on Sunday evening. I took the picture with my 300mm lens with a 1.4 tel converter which equals 420mm. Add in the 1.5 crop factor the lens in full frame equivalents is 630mm”. For us point and shoot people I say “huh???” . From all I say thank you.

Back to earth and to Silver lake with Ashley. She titled this pic “beaverfall” but I propose “beavernotfall” might be more appropriate. I don’t feel any kinship to beavers but I feel a little sorry for this one. How many days work to get to “TIMBE………what the hell???”


A little ice still on the beaver pond in afternoon. The season is always a little more so up there.

Thank you Ashley for the great shots. Enjoy, Mike

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Lake level

Hi all, Things are back in order at the power station end of the stream and the Nov. 1 drawdown of the lake started today. It’ll take a week or so to get down to fall level and those waiting for lower water to take their docks out without water going over their boots (probably just Jay and me) can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Sue W. reports seeing a pair of loons plus a single also reported by Jane M. at the north end of Dunmore.

No loon pictures but have for you a couple of great shots of non-loons contributed by Diane D. Enjoy, Mike

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