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Welcome to the Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association (LDFLA) Blog site.  This site is maintained by the Association as a service to our members and interested public.  Please read our Disclaimer below to be advised of the terms of use for this blog. 

The purpose of this blog is to provide a forum for education and current information regarding activities, upcoming events, and public announcements for Lake Dunmore and Fern Lake located in Addison County, Vermont.

You are invited to join the blog by registering and then posting your comments by leaving a Reply at the end of any post that interests you.   Check back often for new content that will be added by Association trustees and members and the public.

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20 Responses to Hello Bloggers!

  1. Mary Bugnacki says:

    A fairly large white plastic dock or float ladder washed ashore in front of my place(336 Indian Trail). I brought it up on shore. Please call 247-0077 or come pick it up.

  2. Bill Powers says:

    June 2012 is the 80th birthday of the opening of Branbury Beach to the public by Shirley Farr of Brandon. HAPPY 80th!!

  3. Lorraine Abramson says:

    This is a special video of re-tagging a mommy bear. Very interesting and very funny audio.
    The park is named after the Algonquin Indians.
    Momma Bear and her three very young cubs in the wild of northern Ontario , Canada . Humane wildlife experts taking a winter bear census right in the hibernation dens.
    You’ll love this, besides the cute precious 6 week old baby bears (eyes still closed) the guy (Rick Mercer) has some of the funniest lines.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=vJRDpTUIrJI&vq=medium(7:42 min)

  4. Cab Hatfield says:

    Just mailed my guesses for the Dunmore Dip. Considering that I can see open water in North Cove I thought I’d better hurry. I do hope we get in a good cold spell to give the fishing derby a chance and give me an opportunity to use my snow shoes.

  5. Ken says:

    A fishing hut was rescued from ice today, it could be seen at an angle 40 degs dipping below the ice and looked a lost cause. A team of volunteers had other ideas and it was on dry land by mid-day. Not sure how the procedure for lifting took place. Did anyone else see the rescue?

  6. Lorraine Abramson says:

    New alert. A number of rather large red foxes have been seen around the East shore of Lake Dunmore. If you have cats or small dogs, be attentive. They are fairly easy prey for hungry fox.

  7. Sue Potter says:

    The ice at the far southern end of South Cove was not solid earlier this week. The southern end of the South Cove has several springs and without a spell of cold weather the water has stayed open around the docks. Open water is certainly easier on the docks but it does limit the ice skating and hockey games our neighborhood loves so much. Oh well, everyday is one day closer to spring and then our annual South Cove Olympics!

  8. Ken says:

    looking at the lake on a Sunny Saturday morning after a scattering of overnight snow. Fishing huts are being moved around by snowmobile on the south end and a small village of huts are apparent in the north. Will be going out on the ice to investigate sometime today.

  9. fern fellow says:

    The blog looks clean and easy to use. I hope it works out well.

  10. paula wilson says:

    I’m happy to answer questions regarding water quality, While, I’m certainly no expert, I have spent some time researching solutions/problems relating to water quality.

  11. Andrew J. Hutchins says:

    Would like anyone’s help in finding who owns the cottage next to Branbury state park on lake Dunmore. (Take lake Dunmore rd to leisure lane follow until dead-ends then take right and follow until dead-ends at state park, then left turn to house, beside the old boat ramp.) Many, many years ago 40+ the Hutchins family rented this place and had a family reunion. All the cousins from that reunion have been talking about doing it again. We are now scarred all over the country. Any help in contacting the owners would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you
    Andrew J. Hutchins

    • Sue Potter says:

      We will do some checking for you Andrew and get back to you. Thanks for using our new blog!

    • Kate Briggs says:

      The house belongs to Robert Keller who died this fall. My family has owned the house next door since the 1920’s (you must have rented from the Spencers). The Kellers live in the Poughkeepsie NY area and my sister has contact information, which I will forward to you. The Kellers have never rented the house but they might consider your request. You could probably also get a mailing address from the Salisbury Town Clerk. Kate Briggs

    • Kate Briggs says:

      Mr. Keller’s daughter-in-law, Ginny Keller, deals with the Lake Dunmore house. Her address is Virginia Keller, 10 Riverview, Port Ewen, NY 12466. There is a phone number but it may not be correct (914-475-4221). Hoppe this helps. Kate

    • Donna Centore says:

      Hello Andrew,

      Is this the same Hutchins family that included Alpheon (Al) and Clem and Vera? If so please send me a note, my family name is Milne and we were close to Al. My email is theplantlady@cox.net.

  12. Bill Powers says:

    Appears to be a good idea. I’ve never blogged before. Hope this works out well!!

  13. Sue Potter says:

    Good suggestion Chip. This will be a helpful tool for everyone seeking information on what’s happening on our beautiful lakes. Check back often for updates and new additions to the blog.

    • Susan Patterson says:

      I thought I was going to be able to pay my dues on the web site, but if so, I can’t figure it out. So, I’ll mail in a check. If we can pay on web site, please explain how. Susan Patterson
      So, now I can’t figure out how to post this message! No where to click… enter doesn’t work…ah, found it below…

      • Sue Potter says:

        Sue, to pay dues online you will need to click on the “members” tab on the ldfla website and enter in your membership ID and password. You can contact Kate Williams at kate_ret@yahoo.com if you have forgotten that information. Thanks.

  14. Chip says:

    Looks like a great start to the blogisphere. I’m curious what level of activity this will spawn.
    One comment on disclaimer : should it mention that it’s a public forum and be respectful of the diverse population that will be using the sight?

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