Monday, June 18 Loon & Wildlife Report from Mike Korkuc

Loons and Other Critters … 

Hi all,
Our nesting pair are doing okay. On a trip around the north end this morning, the adult on the nest was the only adult we saw. The immature one was a couple hundred yards out from Branbury doing lots of preening and seemed unbothered by us passing by.

Nesting adult from June 18, 2012 report

Nesting adult

Immature off Branbury from June 18, 2012 report

Immature off Branbury

Shelagh S. reports one large and one small bear near the south end of Hooker Rd. They were seen in passing and not causing any trouble. Near Branbury, Phyllis W. says one went through a screen door on to a porch looking for seed but only got a bag of dirt. A bear on the porch would be scary to me, especially an illiterate one. M.

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