Thursday, June 28 Loon & Wildlife Report from Mike Korkuc

No good news but  a couple good pictures …  

Hi all,

The bad news is no chicks and we have probably passed a critical time. Per Eric, once it passes 30 days , the probability of an egg being viable is very low. We know there was one egg on 5/29, but don’t know when the second one was laid Normally it would be the following day. Loons will sometimes sit for a week or more after the time the eggs should have hatched so they aren’t helpful in telling us what is really going on. I’ll be out there early again tomorrow with my fingers crossed.

I was out early enough today get a good shot as the sun was coming up. It was so nice out there, especially compared to the last few days.


This is looking at the west shore as the sun came over the mountain behind me.


A clueless mother and her ducklings paid a visit to the loon,


and then continued along the shore.


This evening, not five minutes after a conversation with John and Kathy D. about no reported sightings of the eagle in nearly two weeks, it landed at the end of Sucker Brook as we were going by.


We figured we’d give you the view from all angles, going and


coming back overhead.


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