Sunday, July 1 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Loons, and fireworks info …

Hi all,

I’ve heard many have been disappointed by the change in the fireworks at Songa from the 4th to tonight. I’ve heard on good authority that those wanting to see some on the 4th should get their money’s worth (it’s free) if they wander down here to the south end on Wednesday evening. I’ve heard it MAY even be better than tonight.

It was a quiet morning here, thankfully, since the loons have chosen the area in and around the ski course for the nursery. It has actually worked pretty well since the tubers don’t go through there and the skiers check to see where the loons are before they ski the course. Most of the time, you can find them between the course and the west shore. If you see just one bird floating, be patient and look hard because the chicks are probably under its wings.


The chicks are riding high in the next couple shots and are obviously easy to see.



It’s a whole different picture if they are keeping a low profile.


The second chick is under one of the wings in both these pictures. They both can be invisible if they feel the need. Generally, the both go right in the water when the other adult joins them.


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