Welcome to Our Fourth Annual Auction for 2012

Click here to see the many fine offerings we have available. You have the opportunity to bid on as many as you wish. You do not need to be an LDFLA member to bid so please feel free to share this information with your friends and family.

To place a bid, simply email your contact information (see below for information to include), the item numbers and brief descriptions of the items you are bidding on, and your best bids to ldfla.auction@gmail.com by midnight Monday, August 10.

Or you may download and view 2012 BID Sheet (PDF) then print out and mail to LDFLA, PO Box 14, Salisbury, VT 05769

We are pleased to be able to showcase the businesses and talented people who support the continued good health of our lakes with their generous donations. Enjoy looking through the wonderful variety of items we have, bid freely, and may you win something special!

Bidder Contact Information:
Name ________________________________________________________ Email Address __________________________________________________
Phone ( ______ ) ________________________________________________ Best to contact me by ___ phone or ___ email or ___ mailing address
Mailing address __________________________________________________ City __________________________________ State ______ Zip________

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