Monday morning, July 23 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Sunday AM activities …

Hi all,

Howard K. reports that the chicks spent at least an hour feeding themselves early Sunday morning, the adults were not in sight. When Rosie and I got out there late morning, we saw 1 adult 100 or so yards away and then we saw the second adult fly in and join the first.

Within a couple minutes, a third adult swam in and we got to watch a little stare down.


They just kept swimming in tighter circles


until the two males were right together for a few seconds.


They separated slightly again while the male tremoloed


and then chased the intruder around in circles a few times. When that ended, the intruder dove and we never saw it surface. The pair were very relaxed as soon as the other left, not looking for it at all. They swam back to the chicks who were only about 60′-80′ away and all started feeding. The chicks were feeding themselves as Howard reported earlier, all four were diving.


When we went back out early evening, we couldn’t find any of them. The wind was up though and waves made it easy to miss them if they were there.

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