Friday, August 17 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Weekly??? it seems, update …

Hi all,

The problem is not lack of decent pictures but more the lack of any news to report. The only change is perhaps that the adults seem to be leaving the chicks alone more frequently, sometimes flying away and sometimes swimming. Other than that, they are just back and forth between the ski course and the cove with little drama. The chicks are both feeding themselves some of the time, and being fed on others.

The first few pictures are from Monday when we had guests on board from NY, and Ca. The sun didn’t cooperate to give us the best light but the chicks and one adult did their part in providing wonderful photo ops.





After dropped the folks back at the access, I came out to two sub-adults feeding right at the exit. One immediately dove and went away but this one stayed close enough for the next two pictures. From the front, it certainly looks sleeker than our chicks but from the side,


not so different. I’ll have to defer to Eric to tell us how old.


Still Monday, early evening. The chicks aren’t nearly as bulky as the adults but they sure are getting closer on the length.


Now Tuesday afternoon, I couldn’t believe when it offered this large fish to one of the chicks, and the chick easily ate it.


Yesterday, just for another size check.


They still need to shed the last of the pin feathers to be mistaken for anyone other than who they are, but those feathers will all be gone soon.


These two last pictures are not the same chick. Hard to tell unless you were there though. Enjoy, Mike


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