Friday, August 24 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Thursday/Friday …

Hi all,

The big news is that the family came south today. They spent a good part of the afternoon feeding straight out from our place though much closer to the east shore than here. They did come this way a couple times as they worked north and south. It will make them a little harder to find from now on.

If anyone out there needs the site to ID calls, it is <>.

There was a little tremoloing today when a paddle boarder went through the middle of the family, that’s what made me think of it. We hear wails all the time when they are looking for each other or they are mildly stressed over something but the tremolo, indicating more stress has thankfully been pretty rare. I can’t remember the last yodel, that’s by males only and when they are very upset.

Both adults were actively feeding both chicks although the chicks sometime seemed uninterested. They are now perfectly capable of feeding on their own and I find them with no adults in sight quite frequently.


The other parent.


No way to tell except they both came up at the same time.


I guess if you study them close enough, there are subtle differences in the coloring around the head and neck. You can see a little better in the two pictures below. I don’t know why we would care though since their behavior is identical as for as I can tell. Enjoy, Mike




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One Response to Friday, August 24 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

  1. Martin Del Vecchio says:

    Mike, I have some photos of what I think is the same family of loons. I was on the lake last week, and I found a family of 4 by Kelsey Lane (at least according to Google Maps).

    I posted them at Feel free to post them on your blog.


    Martin Del Vecchio

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