Friday morning, August 10 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Friday update …

Hi all,

I just paid a quick visit to the loons at the north end of the ski course. No pictures today since I watched from a distance. Other than some tremoloing for a couple minutes at some perceived threat that I couldn’t see, all four appeared to be feeding.

We are now headed into what should be one of the last busy weekends of the summer since families with kids have to start leaving to get ready for school. What has been a relatively stress free season should now hopefully become even more so.

The first three pictures are from Wednesday afternoon. There was no wind and it was very hot, apparently too hot for the chicks. Both were floating with their mouths open in an effort to cool down I believe. Potentially distressing to watch, I remember it happening with the adults in years past so I didn’t freak out as I once would have.


More potentially distressing to watch, but normal behavior is "extreme preening" . You can google it for a good description from VLRC, but basically it really looks like a loon in distress. They thrash around in tight circles, make short quick dives, and then flap to fluff. It’s been happening quite frequently lately.


I tried to get a video but, I need to work on those skills a little so yu are stuck with a couple stills.


And here’s a little look back about five weeks in time thanks to Allon W. A great picture, and a wonderful effect he created.

Lake Dunmore Loon Family

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