Thursday morning, August 2 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

5 weeks tomorrow …

Hello to all,

I apologize for the lack of updates recently, but no news is good news. I’ve been checking on the family regularly but haven’t gotten any decent pictures lately, until today.

The lake has been fairly quiet this summer and as more and more people learn about the loons, they have usually been giving them plenty of space. The family can still be found in the cove SE of Sucker Brook most of the time and if they aren’t there, look towards the ski course. That’s where we found them this evening and they were nice enough to keep feeding right next to our boat.


Although the chicks are diving for their own food some of the time, tonight both adults were feeding them and I caught a couple of handoffs.



As you can see, there is quite a change in the last week. The chicks spend a lot of their time preening and are looking like teenagers with a bad haircut. Those pinfeathers will now disappear quickly and soon the little fuzz balls will be history. Their appearance will really change on a daily basis, and I’ll try to keep up with a more frequent picture or two.



The adults are soon going to start changing too, losing that sharpness in their mating plumage. They still look good now though. Enjoy, Mike


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