Tuesday, September 25 Loon Report from Mike Korkuc

Loons, bears, and other critters …

Hi all,

The loons continue to do just fine. Yesterday we saw 3/4 of the family as pictured in the first shot below, then separately the other adult preening and a sub-adult feeding. I’m guessing that they were all our resident loons because they all came close to the boat without paying much attention to us.

I’m hoping to hear from Eric about a final statewide loon count for the season and will pass the numbers along when I have them.

There has been a bear spotted several times on Indian Trail in the past few days. No damage done but I guess it has surprised a few people.

The “loon nesting” signs have been put away for the winter. Thank you so much to Chip and Nancy M. and family for allowing us to again put them in the boathouse where they have been stored the last few years. My creaky old bones really appreciate the short distance from boat to storage. Thanks also to others who offered a spot, and please hold that thought because who knows what next fall may bring.

In the “while I’ll be darned” category, while fishing about 100′ north of the island I spotted something odd in the water moving from west to east. We had to wait for it to get close to see what it was and


lo and behold. I first thought it was going to try to come on the boat but


it went right on by as if it was headed for the east shore. We watched it until it was about half way across the lake where it apparently changed its mind, turned around and came back. It passed close to the boat again before going ashore on the west side, not at the closest point either. What next.


When not looking for loons (or fish), sometimes we just float. I took the picture below just after sunset tonight as we all started for home after rafting up for a while. What a beautiful evening.


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