Winter Storm 12/21/12 Photos by Kathy Dick

Storm 13Storm 14Storm 15

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5 Responses to Winter Storm 12/21/12 Photos by Kathy Dick

  1. Linda Brogan says:

    Thanks so much for the update…we’re in CT and hadn’t heard about the storm. The pictures are awesome, but a bit scary when you are not around to see your property. If anyone is nearby 1512 Hooker Rd. and can check on our property (a little rustic log camp on the hillside, easily seen from the road), it would be much appreciated. Happy holidays to all of you and looking forward to the warm and lazy days of summer on Lake Dunmore in 2013.

  2. Sigrid Valkenburg says:

    Thanks for all the info. Beeing in Belgium it is great to have this service. We hope everyone is save. Happy New Year to all Frans and Sigrid

  3. Howard E. DeVoid, Jr. says:

    Again thanks to all for posting the pics and keeping us informed.
    Jean and Howard DeVoid

  4. Jackie Beacham says:

    Looking for the top of our float. It has gray carpeting on it and a cut out for a step. It was wintering in the north end at the Peck camp. Jeff said that our barrels are there, but no top. If anyone sees it could you call us at 388-3030.
    Thank you for all the pictures.
    Jackie and Jerry Beacham

  5. Jim Farrell says:

    Thank you Kathy and others for posting these photos. We own a place near Keewaydin on the east side of the lake and, being in Massachusetts throughout the winter, it’s great to have updates such as these to keep us informed on what is going on. It looks like it was quite a storm. Susan and I hope that everyone around the lake is ok. And happy holidays to all…

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