Legislative Alert Vermont House Bill H.223

February 23, 2013
Dear Members and Friends:
The LDFLA Board held a special Trustee’s meeting on Feb. 22, 2013, to consider Vermont House Bill H.223. The following statement was voted the official position of the LDFLA Board concerning H.223:
“Although the goals of water quality and shoreland preservation are laudable the LDFLA Board cannot support H.223 as written, and believe it requires further consideration and study.  Our primary concerns are:
1.     impingement of property rights
2.     cost and enforcement
3.     additional bureaucracy, both municipal and state”.
The bill may well go through further write-ups and revisions in the Fish, Wildlife, and Water Resources Committee. It is expected that further testimony on the bill will be taken in the committee Thursday, February 28. To be an important part of this process we encourage you to contact your Vermont House Representative and the Governor’s office (802-828-3333) to inform them of your opinion on the bill. 
Thank you,
Sue Potter
Link to Legislative Directory:       www.leg.state.vt.us/legdir/legdirMain.cfm
Contact the Governor’s Office at:    http://governor.vermont.gov/
(Follow the link under “Contact us”)
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7 Responses to Legislative Alert Vermont House Bill H.223

  1. Scott Hooker says:

    Those of us fortunate enough to own waterfront property can and will take better care of it than the state ever could.

  2. Defeat526 says:

    There are more and more concerned people coming forward. Of course we want to protect our lakes but start from the top. What about the streams and rivers which flow into the lake? Lets address the real problems first. Join our FB page to show your support and lets knock this out!

  3. Roger Fyfe says:

    After all the years of protecting our lakes from a variety of offenders, we now find out that we have to protect our lakes from the almighty state of Vermont!!

  4. Mark and Karen Evans says:

    x2. well said.

  5. Sue, I too completely support LDFLA position on H.223. I have made my thoughts known to Willem Jewett. We have e-mailed back and forth. I’m hoping he hears our concerns. Thank-you for staying on top of this for all of us and the protection of our lakes!
    Sheila Conroy

  6. Jean and Howard DeVoid says:

    Sue, I completely support the LDFLA position on H.223. Our Association has and will continue to monitor and protect the environment at the two lakes and we do not need a local, state and federal bureaucracy involved more than they already are.
    Howard and Jean DeVoid

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