Lake Dunmore VT 1930 – Aunt Jennie takes a plane ride

The caption for this wonderful home movie uploaded to YouTube by tcomden is:

Our family used to summer at Lake Dunmore, VT, gathering around my great grandmother, “Aunt Jennie” Rickert, who ran a popular eating establishment there called “Aunt Jennie’s Tea House” These movie clips are all I have to remember her by.
Aunt Jennie takes her first (and only) flight over Lake Dunmore. Later, both feet firmly on the ground, she invites her family into the tea house for a good homecooked meal.

Alert: There’s music with this so you may not want to play it at work!

Does anyone know how to contact tcomden? I am imagine there are many questions people would like to ask.

Bill Powers provided the following photo of Aunt Jennie’s Tea Room:

Aunt Jennie's Tea Room c1930

Aunt Jennie (Dutton) Rickert (1856-1934), the lady in white, at her Tea House where the present day Falls of Lana parking lot is. This photo was taken about 1930.

Click on the photo to see all the amazing detail. It was a busy and popular location back then as well as today. If you go to the parking lot these days and carefully search the large rock face to the right of the main parking area, you can find an inscription carved in the stone honoring Aunt Jennie.

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2 Responses to Lake Dunmore VT 1930 – Aunt Jennie takes a plane ride

  1. Bonnie Miller Johnson says:

    thanks Bill for sending this on!

  2. Bill Powers says:

    Tippi Comden is approaching her 80 birthday and lives in PA. I would be happy to answer any questions that folks my have about Aunt Jennie. I have studied her life for over 15 years. I am also well acquainted with her grand niece, now in her 90s, and lives locally. During the past several years I have given presentations on Aunt Jennie and would be glad to do so again for those who are interested.

    Bill Powers,

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