Loon check morning

Hi All,
7:00 AM this morning we met on schedule and made our way up the lake three boats abreast. We saw a single adult just SE of Sucker Brook and then the two pictured well out from the entrance to North Cove. We’ll also report one flying southbound a half hour or so later but it could have been one of these two.
We also saw one family each of geese, mergansers, and mallards but they don’t count today.
Thank you to Cathy M, and John E, I don’t think they’ve missed one of these since we started doing them several years ago. Special thanks to Cathy for doing all the paperwork. John and Sandi E. and an unidentified spotter took the middle slot this morning, I hope they can make it next year too. Sally B, Rosie S, and I made up the third contingent. We always have room for another spotter or two so put it on your calendar for next year if you would like to participate. We always say “we should do breakfast afterwards” but never remember until too late. Maybe next year.
Allon W. did Fern Lake and saw none on the water. He did see what was probably the same one flying.
We should hear fairly quickly about Sugarhill Res.. I’ll let you know when I do.


This is how we needed to dress to check Mud Pond. The picture doesn’t do the mosquitoes justice but when Cathy took one of me


with the glassy water behind, on and just off my elbow gives you an idea of what it is like.


Last evening, we tried to sneak out for a few quiet minutes on the lake and looked back over our shoulder to see this. We watched it drift towards us a very short time before heading back in. The rain for us was light, only 0.2 inches but I’m pretty sure it was much worse a little to the north. M.


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