Bird season?

Hi all,
First, I made what may have been a big mistake by upgrading my I-Photo and I haven’t yet figured out how to do things that were previously very simple. Hopefully the upgrade can be undone but in the meantime, we’ll just have to cope.
The loons are still here. No good pictures but I floated with two off Mountain View yesterday and this morning Jack R. reported three there. They should be here another month or so.
One of my problems with the new program is putting text between the pictures. Fortunately there is not a lot of explaining today, the pictures do most of the talking. The first one is from an unknown photographer but sent to me by Mary M. It was taken along Rt 7 in Salisbury I think and is that rainbow from a couple Tuesday’s ago. The second is the same time from Jane M. and was taken in North Cove.
The rest are the most colorful of the birds taken here today. The hummer is just stretching in that next to last shot. I would have expected them gone by now, Gerrie W. said she had one at the north end today too. I hope the near freezing weather tonight doesn’t affect their well being. Enjoy, Mike

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One Response to Bird season?

  1. lfried1 says:

    We have some photos to post that were taken late August of a young eagle that was inhabiting a tree on Leisure Lane for about 5 days. I do not know how to post or if I even have posting priviledges. Can you pls advise? Thank you, Laurie Fried

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