A day for the birds.

Hi all,
Rosie and I, and many more people had a field day in West Addison today. In the hour and a half between 10:30 and noon, we saw at least 3 rough legged hawks, 2 red tailed hawks, a mature eagle, and 2 snowy owls. There were other hawks we couldn’t identify too.
We were watching this rough legged perched in a tree when it flew towards us and caught whatever it has in its mouth. This was on the north side of 17 just east of the junction of 17 and Jersey St. We saw 3 hawks on the left side of 17 between there and Lake St. On Atherton St, another one was on the ground on something large that it was tearing apart. No good picture of that, or of the eagle that flew from the ground about a hundred yards away. There were 2-3 more hawks on the north side of Atherton as we came down.


This Snowy was on a the corner of a shed in a field about 100 yards east of the junction of Atherton and Jersey. There must have been 20 people there and many walked to within 100 feet to take pictures. It didn’t seem to bother the bird at all. I never would have seen it except for the people.


This one is the good one because it has been there since Christmas day at least and it’s easy to find if you know where to look. It’s on the north side of 17, less than 1000 feet east of the junction of 17 and Lake St. It is a little patch of trees 100 yards or less off the road with just fields around it. The nesting box is easy to see before you get abeam the patch of woods but very hard once you are right beside it. The bad news is that there is no where to park except half on the road. If you look at a map, all the directions should make sense. Feel free to call if I can be helpful, this is too great an opportunity to miss. Enjoy, Mike


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