More bird reports

Good morning,
Dead Creek viewing area is on Rt. 17 in Addison, just west of the junction with 22A. All of that end of Rt 17 is wide open fields that are rich with birds. All roads off 17 are good too. If you can find your way to the Tritown water station off Lake St, I counted over 20 eagles there a couple springs ago.

Here are notes from folks who have gone looking. This first is from Andrew and Bethany M. who went on Christmas.

Andrew and I went out hopefully yesterday to look for snowy owls – much to our wonder and amazement, we saw 4!!!!! One huge, gorgeous male, perched high in a tree across from the snow goose viewing at Dead Creek, a female on an osprey platform on Gage Rd. , a juvenile on a silo off Rte. 17, and another juvenile on an owl nesting box near WAGS – absolutely astonishing!

The second is from John and Sherry K. who tried yesterday.

We were out on 17 mid-late morning. Made the loop out 17 and back via 125.
Stopped at the Dead Creek visitors’ platform. Saw no Snowy Owls but we did
see FIVE eagles along the way, each one sitting alone atop a tall tree.

Rosie and I are headed there this morning. You’ll hear from us when we get back. Mike

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