White rabbit, white rabbit

Happy new years morning to all.
No white rabbits in the pictures of course but everyone knows that if those are the first words spoken at the beginning of the month, the speaker will have exceptionally good luck throughout that month. Lets hope so anyway.
My good luck starts with the January picture on the calendar made for us by good friends David A. and Louise S. I hate to take the old calendar down, but time marches on.

Next on our list is this photo from Rusty K. taken Monday out at Dead Creek. It’s one of those pictures at the limits of the camera again but it’s good enough for Sue W. to agree with Rusty that it is an immature golden eagle. So we now have something else to watch for on our trips out there.

Sue P. improving her photography skills daily with this barred owl taken last evening in Clarenden.

And last but not least, two creatures I wouldn’t have expected to see in the same picture. I’m referring of course to the loon and the snowy owl, not Eric and his son. This was taken on 12/17. The loon had crashed in a field in Cabot, has been released into Champlain, and is reportedly doing fine. The owl was found emaciated and weak, and has been taken to a rehabber. Thank you Eric for passing this along.

Or, it could have been that it was new years eve and a loon and an owl went into a bar…..They both had too much to drink and eventually, hoots and yodels were exchanged. Even after the loon and owl police showed up, the loon couldn’t keep its mouth shut so it was taken somewhere to cool off and get something to eat. The owl was found to have a long standing problem and agreed to rehab to help with its recovery. Yes, I like that story better. M.

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