Gradual changes

Hi all,
Things are leaning towards spring around here, but not very quickly. These first two pictures were taken on the 5th and the 7th.

The only real difference in the slight change in the amount of water around the edge near our dock.

Today though, the surface is showing a little deterioration. That area of open water around the edge has increased also.


There are even a couple of small puddles a couple hundred yards out. John E reports that he put Lord Dunmore out on Sunday, and that there is 13″ of ice under the pallet.

Tom O. saw an immature eagle on the ice near the island yesterday. I haven’t been up to North Cove to see what may be floating near the bridge but there were geese, ducks, and a blue heron in Woods Pond in Brandon when I came by today. All sure signs that open water for us can’t be too far away.

`You really never know when you will see something interesting. With no perspective, it looks to me like this could be a picture of massive flood taken from thousands of feet up in an airplane. In fact, it is many fingered snow melt trickling down the middle of Lakeview Dr. into a foot wide mud puddle. Enjoy, Mike

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One Response to Gradual changes

  1. Chip says:

    Hey Mike – “what exactly is the last photo?” We can certainly go to other chat room to discuss. Thanks, Chip

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