The lake is changing

Hi all,
From last evening


to a couple hours ago, you can see the ice darkening as it gets porous.


As you can better see in this picture on the mallard couple just off the spillway, the edges have gotten very soft and would easily break away if we had any wave action. We have three very warm days forecast with nights above freezing, so it should go quickly from here.

For the new folks on the list, this is the stake at the spillway that GMP uses to gauge the lake level. They draw it down to about 22″ in the winter to make room for the spring runoff and will let it come back to about 50″ for the summertime. John M. from GMP sent me a note saying they are going to hold it there at 38″ for a few days to reduce the potential for ice damage if we get strong winds. Thank you John.


With all the melting today, they have to run pretty hard to keep the level from rising. This was just a little while ago. M.


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