Hi all,
Except for deep in some coves, and that pile that blew up on the north shore yesterday, I think we can safely say the ice is gone. The ice out committee is planning to meet tomorrow to review the guesses and announce a winner. I’ll put out a note as soon as I hear the results.

Ken B. tested the limits of his camera this morning but he gets the prize for seeing the first loon of the season. This was between the east shore and Mountain View. Thank you Ken.


First boater was likely Kelly C. who had his kayak in on Sunday when there was just a few feet of open water between the shore and the ice.
I spotted the first escaped raft against the shore on West Shore Rd. late yesterday. One of its blue barrels was headed for Songa and another was nowhere to be seen. I’ll get a picture as soon as the weather improves a little.
My dock went in yesterday. The prize for that is that I didn’t have water come over the top of my waders as would have happened if I waited a day or two.
Spring is here. Mike

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2 Responses to Firsts

  1. Bonnie Totten Adkins says:

    We also really appreciate all the pics and info! How about this morning’s snow!!!

  2. Jean and Howard DeVoid says:

    Thanks for your faithful kindness with such great pictures and the seasonal changes on our beautiful lake.

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