On the island, on the rocks, and found tiller

Hi all,
Between rain showers this evening, we followed the loons up from south of the ski course and watched them slowly circle the island. The lingered right next to shore at a few spots on both the east and west side and then finally went on land at a small open area south of last year’s nest. I think it’s the same spot that Kathy D. saw one go on a couple nights ago. I lost sight of them but they were only up there a couple minutes before both returned to the water. I don’t how long it takes them to mate. Eric or Sally, can you help with that? We were too far away for me to get any good pictures.
It seems a lot of boaters are unaware of the shallow rocks well out from the southern tip of the island. I saw a couple boats thunk their props last year and stopped someone yesterday who would have. You have to stay at least twice as far out as the sign is on the south end to be safe, maybe even a little further than that. Even shallow drafts like pontoon boats will hit. There is also a submerged rock about 10 feet further out the signs off on the west side. That one has had a marker in past years but none so far this year. If I can come up with a couple anchors of some sort, I’ll put a painted bumper in both spots.
No fresh loon pictures so we’ll go back to the last full moon for couple good ones. This first one is from Mary M. down is South Cove,

051214 006

and the same moon from our deck.


Last, and probably most important to someone, Ken S. has a tiller that floated ashore at his place. Call him at 247-6029 to arrange pick up. M.

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