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Hi all,
One on the nest all day. This evening, the other circled the island as we were drifting southward. It’s a good sign that it seems to be staying close. I’ll be checking first thing in the morning but it will probably be noon before I can get an e-mail out.
This butterfly visited today and landed on my tractor where it blended in nicely and would have made a great shot. It stayed long enough for me to run down to the house for the camera but took off as I moved in to get a picture. Thankfully it stopped on my floodlight long enough for this shot from several feet away but it again departed as I got close. Normally butterflies pay no attention to me but this one seemed to be skittish. I know little about butterflies, if someone ID’s it, I’ll pass it along for the rest of us who are clueless. Is this variety normally shy? Mike


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