This evening

Hi all,
They have been very noisy all afternoon, even up to a couple minutes ago. We are hearing wails, tremolos, and yodels, much of the time for no apparent reason. They are wailing when they are floating right next to each other. The male is remaining true to his personality and is tremoloing or yodeling at noisy boats even when they are a couple hundred or more yards away. The female will join in when he starts but by herself is pretty quiet. She swam within 15-20′ of three boats sitting together tonight and hardly gave us a glance. The male is nervous even around quiet boats if they get close so I’ve got my camera maxed out on these pictures, hence the quality.
For the first half hour or so tonight, we wouldn’t have known there was a chick. If you look under the right wing, you can see a tiny patch of brown.


Then the chick came out just a little further and we caught the light just right to get a good look, it still appears to be sleeping.


This is the male watching a jet ski, several hundred feet away but still too noisy for him. He soon started tremoloing and then yodeling even though the jet ski never came close.


The chick finally came out to look around just before dark. Enjoy, Mike


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