Great day on the lake

Hi all,
The loons spent most of the day in the middle of the lake straight out from our place. We thought that would be bad but they picked a spot where traffic seemed to go all sides of them. Folks took time to float nearby too which kept high speed boats a little further away. Even though we weren’t out there all day, we did get to watch them and it was wonderful to see the awareness that boaters now have. Fast boats slowed down if needed and boats of all shapes and sizes altered course to keep their distance, that’s a big change from a very few years ago. The loons have already developed a tolerance for company too and didn’t seem alarmed when boats passed at a distance that would have upset them yesterday. Most of the calling we heard today was just wailing when the adults had been separated for a while and apparently the one with the chick would get lonely.

The chick spent most of the day hidden under a wing but did poke its head out on occasion.


Many of those times were when the adult brought food. With no wind, we could hear the approaching loon cooing to coax the chick out.


One of the few times we saw it in the water, it sure looks bigger than yesterday.


Bedtime snack. They moved to the cove between the music camp and Mountain View as the sun was going down. I hope they stay there tomorrow, that would be a lot less stressful for all involved. Mike


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