Happy 4th

Hi all,
Not the best of days here today but thankfully the rain stopped in time for the boat parade to start.
Below is the changing of the guard as the ski boaters from South Cove took over from the kayakers from Mountain View


Just in time for the southbound parade and


the annual ski by.


I think about 15 boats participated in the parade,


a pretty good turnout considering the gloomy day


and the wind.


It got pretty brisk out there for a while


as you can see from the direction of the flags.


The loons thankfully stayed together until the parade passed. then one fed north while the one with the chick drifted over to our area where it still floats now. Alice W. reports that when the kayakers got there early on, the adult with the chick left it with them and disappeared. Both adults flew back in together after a fairly long time. That’s the first I’ve heard of them leaving the chick alone other than diving for a few seconds. All I can guess is that maybe they teamed up to ward off an intruder but they must have felt it was safe with the kayakers, that’s great.
The folks guarding the loons did ward off a few fast boats today so I hope you all feel as good about that as I do. The next couple days are going to be busier, so if you have a little time to float with them, it could make a difference.
Thanks to all who participated, hope to see you out there tomorrow. Mike


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