Paddle boat, moon, and loons

Hi all,
After taking a good look at that paddle boat, Peter M. found the likely reason no one has claimed it. It needs a lot of work to get back to functional condition. If someone wants a project, you can get it at the Mackey residence on West Shore Rd. It’ll be headed for the dump tomorrow if no one speaks quickly, you’ll be able to claim it there.
We’ve had a couple wonderful days on the lake. We finished up with a great moonrise last night.


The loons have stayed about abeam the island for the last couple days but they have been reported being seen from one side of the lake to the other. They were easy to find today with the flat lake but that wasn’t the case yesterday with the wind and waves. Although the adults feed close by, the chick is frequently on the surface alone. Think about that when you are looking, look for just the brown spot on the water.
This is from a distance but you can see how much the chick has grown in 2 weeks. It eats very well.


This is an hour or so ago, a perfect day. There were very few boats out there and those were moving slowly. M.


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