Loon update

Hi all,
Our loons are doing just fine. The chick is diving more than I remember any of our previous ones doing at only 4 weeks old. They are still spending most of their time between the east and west shore just north of the island but are also coming to the north end of the ski course occasionally. We usually find just one adult with the chick but the three were reported together for a while last Wednesday and tonight. We’ve found the chick alone too so look hard if you are trying to find them.
We took a ride up to Goshen Dam today and watched the pair up there. They don’t seem bothered by folks on the shore or passing kayakers, maybe we’ll get a nest up there next year.

Here’s a couple picture from the last few days. It was a Thursday for sailors with a steady whitecap producing wind.

Into the unknown, but with the colors flying.


I can’t remember what Friday was like but by last night the sunset was nicely reflected in the water.


The chick is looking a little scruffy as it starts to lose its pinfeathers. Enjoy, Mike


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One Response to Loon update

  1. Bonnie Totten Adkins says:

    As usual… spectacular pictures! Just watched a blue heron standing sometime on the dock at 472 Underwood Lane. By the time I found camera, it had taken off.

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