August 6, 2014 Milfoil Report

For the past 2 weeks the milfoil harvesting has been a 2 shift operation on Dunmore. The team has concentrated on the North and South Coves and the Spine Area in front of Kelsey Lane on the east side of Dunmore south of Sucker Brook. They are finishing previously marked areas including homeowners’ requests. This week they are out in the small boat looking for new areas. Many of the milfoil plants are now at the surface. On Fern Lake the team has harvested around the perimeter of the lake from the shore to 50 feet out. They will work on milfoil in the center of the lake this week.
Kampersville will begin playing a continuous video of our operation in their store on a TV and a DVD player they have purchased for this purpose.
We are also working on an informative professional video on our milfoil project and new flyers for all homeowners. The Milfoil team will be available before and during the LDFLA picnic in August to demonstrate how the harvesting is done. Check it out.
Also when boating remember to please stay at least 100 feet from all milfoil markers ( mostly red buoys), to keep from fragmenting and spreading the plants. Enjoy August on the lake!

Rich Dahlgren

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4 Responses to August 6, 2014 Milfoil Report

  1. Louise Marshall says:

    You guys are all rock stars in my book. I am feeling a lot of gratitude to all for this huge project. Thank you for your diligent work!

  2. Chip says:

    Thanks for the update Rich. I appreciate the news and interesting detail on Waterhouses video presentation.

  3. Nancy Barry says:

    Your information on Fern Lake is not correct unless the shoreline starts some distance from the shore. Along the West Side Drive side of the lake, the shoreline is covered with Milfoil that is often too thick to swim through. I have told the Milfoil control boat occupants about this at least twice. Most recently they came to my dock area but did not get close enough to the shoreline to get at the worst of the Milfoil and did not continue down the shoreline where some of the houses are unoccupied this summer and the Milfoil is quite thick.

    • Nancy, thank you for your comment and your dedication to controlling the milfoil on Fern. This will be forwarded to Rich Dahlgren, the new Milfoil Coordinator, who can follow up. In the future, you can probably get a faster reply by contacting Rich directly at or calling 247-3262.

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