Toon night this Tuesday

Hi all,

Shrimp cocktail, fresh veggies with dip, fresh fruit cocktail, cheese & crackers, numerous salads, ziti with sausage, eggplant parm, mac & cheese, barbecued chicken, raspberry bars, straw/raspberry fluff, chocolate chip cookies, and brownies. That was last week.
This week will be ??? plus whatever you bring if you choose to join us. Be sure to bring an appetite and whatever is is that you like to drink. We won’t ask you to share your drink though. Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter what kind of a boat you have, canoes and kayaks can tie on anywhere and other motor boats can tie on the end and climb on. If you don’t have a boat, talk to a neighbor who does and talk them into coming. Most of the time I can put riders together with boaters but this week the four boats I know are coming are pretty well loaded. We’ll be rafting up this Tuesday at 6:00 about halfway from the island to the music camp. We’ll be out there about an hour and a half, we try to make it until sunset.
If you can’t make it this week but would like to know when we do it again, drop me a note and I’ll put you on that list.


The loons are great. The first place to look for them is just north of the slalom course, then work your way to the east shore. There is still a pair at Goshen Dam too if anyone gets up that way.
Hope to see you Tuesday. Mike



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