Silent Auction Update

The Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association silent auction is coming on Sunday. We’ll picnic at beautiful Camp Songadeewin and bid on a host of items to help fund next year’s milfoil control program.

Hungry? At last count, we have 17 gift certificates to area restaurants, ranging from A&W to Fire & Ice. Need some exercise? How about a one month membership to Middlebury Fitness or Vermont Sun? You’re a birdlover? We have a bluebird house, a feeder, and a squirrel baffle. Feeling dirty? Buy the Vermont Soap basket. Looking for a good book? We have a complete set of kids’ books from the Vermont Folklife Center, signed copies of Bill Powers’ Silver Lake book, and others. Need maple syrup? We have it. Kitchen utensils? We have $70 worth. Cooking lessons? Cafe Provence will provide. Wine? Check. Don’t want Rover chewing on the table legs? Occupy him with a squeaky toy from Paris Farmers Union.

The list goes on and on. See you there!

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