BIG news

Hi all,
Our loon family is doing very well with nothing too exciting to report there. The last couple days and nights have been noisy with lots of wailing and tremoloing, most of the time with a reason I can’t find. There is at least one more adult living on the lake, most of the time at the north end. Maybe that one is venturing too far south and getting too close to the chick. Folks have reported seeing the chick at the north end but I have yet to observe it north of Sucker Brook. Since migration season is starting, we may see any number of loons of varying ages here but we can’t tell what age they are after 3 years. 1, 2, and 3 year olds can be identified by their increasing mating plumage. A 1 year old’s coloring is not much different from our chick’s and could easily be misidentified. Been there and done that.
A mature eagle is still around, or maybe it’s back from somewhere. I’ve been too slow with the camera though.
The BIG news is that we think there is a chick at Silver Lake. This would be the first one ever as far as we know. I’m 98% sure based on other reliable folks thinking it is, and watching it myself with an adult for about 3/4 of an hour. They were just a little too far away to get the picture I needed to erase that other 2% of doubt. Sue W. went looking yesterday and unfortunately couldn’t find them. Sally B. is headed up there this weekend and can hopefully positively ID it. The romantic notion would be that the adults are some of our chicks from previous years come home to raise their own family. The same can be hoped for the pair at Goshen Dam too and odds are pretty good that it could be true. We’ll be keeping you updated on that one and please look hard and maybe get a picture if you go up there.

Great weather has made for some good picture taking this past week. Sue W. and I were shooting side by side and I’m pretty sure she got some better pictures than I did too. I could hear her camera clicking a little before or after mine and timing can be everything. I know she got one a split second before me here and I’ll share her pics when I she sends them to me.


This is at the mouth of Sucker Brook looking north. They went a few feet past the mouth but then turned south again. No picture because it happened too fast but Sue and I got to see one of the adults swim at full speed underwater. You would have to see it to truly understand how fast they go. To quote the younger generation, “It was awesome”.


The chick took this fish from the adult and easily gulped it down. The chick is diving almost as frequently as the adults and could, I would hope, survive on its own now.


As I was headed out one morning, these non-loons came so close to the dock I could have grabbed one for lunch. I opted for the picture though.


Here, I got lucky with the timing. While fishing off Sucker Brook, I looked up just in time to see this one take off from the middle of the big lake and head right towards us. I got the camera up just in time to catch it as it went by about 30′ from the boat. There was no skill involved here at all, just point and shoot like it says in the ad for the camera. I’d rather be lucky than good anytime.
Enjoy, and keep those reports coming in please. Mike


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One Response to BIG news

  1. Chip says:

    So is there a possibility it is the chick from Dunmore being observed at Silver Lake? Or alternatively a migrating youth.

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