Loon update

Hi all,
All the loon news here is good. Our loons have been noisy lately, probably due to visitors getting a little too close. I have had a couple reports of incidents of posturing but no real skirmishes yet.
The first two pictures are from Sue W, taken here on the 26th. Our chick is getting more mature by the day and you’ll have an excuse to come back and look again in a minute.

Sue does take a beautiful picture.

Our chick feeds itself but both parents are still helping it along. The chick gulped this right down.

These next two pics are compliments of Robin and Kiwi P. and were taken at Silver Lake on the 28th.

Comparing this chick to ours in the other pictures, you can see quite a difference. I went back through my photos until I found our chick with this amount of fuzz and I guessed this one was hatched 4-5 weeks later. Then my mind went to calculating the weeks to departure and if it will be mature enough. The year our pair nested on Mud Pond, that chick flew to Dunmore during the second week of September. Even born late, that means this Silver Lake chick should be able to make the short flight here by the end of October if cold weather forced it out of there. The adults should be gone by then so maybe it will even join up with our chick for company and then they can leave together.

We’ve had some great evenings for taking pictures and our loons have been very accommodating.

Below is our chick, taken on 9/1. I think I can see a little difference from Sue’s picture at the top taken a week earlier. They grow so fast.
If anyone hikes up to Silver Lake, please take your camera and pass along any shots you get. Enjoy the pictures, Mike

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