Soooo far behind in updates

Hi to all,
I apologize for the lack up updates yet again but it’s probably going to keep happening as long as the weather stays this nice.
The loon news is all good. No current pictures of the chick but we did see it and one adult swim past the camp on Friday. We didn’t see it yesterday or today in spite of all the time we spent floating around out there. We did get one shot of one of the adults though as you’ll see further below.
Allon and Marianne W, reported that the chick at Silver Lake is doing fine as of a couple days ago. One of the adults was with it at the time.
The adults should be leaving in about two weeks but the chicks will be around until mid to late November. We have exciting news coming re Silver Lake and Goshen Dam, I’ll let you know when all is finalized.

This first picture to show that the foliage here is yet to come. I saw spots of great colors in the streets around Middlebury this morning but best is still a few days away.


What a great way to view the scenery. I was a little envious but don’t know how to be on the boat or motorcycle and in a plane at the same time.


Colors are doing better up the mountain. This was the Ripton Lincoln Rd. from the bike yesterday.


Starting up the Lincoln Gap Rd, you get an idea of what’s ahead.


It just got brighter as I went uphill. There is still a lot of green left though, and not much brown yet. More pictures will be coming as the days go by.


Yesterday afternoon we happened into one of the parents I’m sure. It payed little attention to us as we went by. We’ve had others loons stopping on the lake that are obviously not as accustomed to boats. Its colors sure have faded since I sent the last picture out a couple weeks ago.
I’ve got a few more pictures I’d like you to see but I’ll send them in another e-mail so I don’t crash your computers. M.


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