Found watercraft. Close to peak.

Hi all,
Tom W. reports a yellow “Seacycle” washed up on the north shore Sunday AM. They brought it over to Waterhouse’s to be claimed.

We are very close to peak here, tomorrow should be wonderful with temperatures close to 80.
From Mary M, looking at the SW side of the lake.


Bill P. showing us the mouth of Sucker Brook.

PA120589 (2)

Karen R. got our chick with one of the parents off Mountain View, we hadn’t seen them in almost 2 weeks. I knew they were here somewhere but it’s great to confirm it.


Here’s a view we don’t see often from Ashley W. This is taken from Sunset Ridge looking south.


And lastly, the view you do see often taken late today when the Middlebury crew went down the lake.
Thanks to all for the wonderful pictures, we are so lucky. Enjoy, Mike


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One Response to Found watercraft. Close to peak.

  1. Chip says:

    Well now… isnt that magnificent.

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