Mid month already

Hi all,
This was taken about 7:30 yesterday morning when we were expecting


clear skies and temperatures in the teens. The lake had some activity but we had to look all the way across to see it.


This morning got off to a more colorful start because of an expected warm front that has now brought rain along with its mid 30’s temperatures.


We have X-C skiers every day the weather isn’t bitter. This is one of many small groups that enjoyed today along with the walkers and snow machine drivers that passed by.


The access at Waterhouses has as many vehicles as a nice summer day.


The fishermen are scattered along West Shore Rd. but there are are several bunched up between Sucker Brook and the island where the water deepens quickly. There will be a lot more on the weekend of the 1st when the fishing derby will be held.


I wish I had caught some skaters but it wasn’t to be. You have to have tried to do it to appreciate the work to clear a patch that big, makes me wish I still had my skates.


I hope everyone has a great start to the new year. Mike

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