Spring & OOPS

The OOPS part is that I meant to send this yesterday but only sent it to myself. To make it a little more current, we woke up to 5 degrees this morning. M.

Hi all,
The first full day of spring yesterday was gray and windy. Relatively warm for us though with an almost normal high of 38. We haven’t seen a lot of seasonably normal temperatures this year, they have been running 10-20 degrees below that.

Last night was cold again, down to 12 degrees and it’s only 20 now midday. Nice and sunny though which does take the edge off. The ice isn’t going anywhere for a while, it hasn’t been warm enough to give us even a little water around the edge yet. More mail and pictures will be coming as soon as something happens to take pictures of.

Jordan D. isn’t waiting for something to happen and he took these of the south end this morning. They were sent along by Mary M, thanks to you both. Mike



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One Response to Spring & OOPS

  1. Chip says:

    Sunshine baby, lots of sunshine. This will turn things around … plus my exit to the south should bring it along.

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