Hi all,
The calendar says spring but 13 degrees had the lake groaning last night and left a pretty good frost on the porch roof this morning. The sparkle just doesn’t show well in the picture but I tried.


No more shanties out there, they had to be off by yesterday.


Perfect mid winter day at the Snow Bowl. Not many people there as we went by at 10:00 but a lot of cars were coming up RT 125 as we went down.


The warm sun has cleared the steps down to the lake in spite of the cold. The shoreline holds promise of chores to be done and fun to be had.


A fallen leaf grabbed a little solar power and melted itself 4″-5” down into the snow. The outfits trying to sell solar panels could use this in their ads.


This is the first water I’ve seen along the edge, another sign of what is to come. The scenery should be changing pretty quickly now and I’ll keep the pictures coming. Enjoy, Mike


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One Response to Spring?

  1. Lou says:

    Good photos, great detail and coments. Thanks!

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