Ice is out!

Hi to all,
Jean E’s great-aunt, Margaret Waterhouse, was born on April 15 and she said that the ice almost always went out on her birthday. This year she would have been right. Official time from John E. is 1:05 PM. The powers that be will be checking the entries and let us know who won as soon as they can. I had a couple guesses today and missed by a little over an hour. That’s closer than I usually am but I’d be surprised if here aren’t a dozen or more who called it closer.
There is still plenty of ice on the lake but unofficial ice out in our corner was fun to watch. The first picture was 10:15 this morning.

Things started to happen quickly a little before noon and at 12:26 it’s really opening up..


1:21 and spring is here.


By 3:15 the dock was in with no worry that the water on the far end would go over my waders. If I wait a few days, standing on my tippy toes is about a half inch short of tall enough. I’m happy to have it done.


And this is the end of the day, 6:15. About half that ice on the right side was blown down from somewhere just north of us. I now need to hope the wind doesn’t shift to south before all that melts. Enjoy, Mike


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