Dunmore Dip

Everyone benefitted from the Dunmore Dip! First, Lord Dunmore watched the ice go out on April 15, at 1:06 pm. Then, he oversaw the awarding of the check for $952.00 to Preston Turner of Salisbury whose guess of April 15, at 1:05 pm made him the winner of the 2015 Lake Dunmore Fern Lake Association’s “Dunmore Dip Ice Out Contest”. Mr. Turner has entered our contest over several years. He has been member of the Salisbury Conservation Society and active in Green Up Day for 3 decades. He has also been a reading mentor at Salisbury Community School. As a member of the Salisbury Conservation Commission, he vowed to give them the winnings if he won the Dunmore Dip.

The picture is of members of LDFLA and the Salisbury Conservation Commission. Left to right are :Dede Snyder, Dunmore Dip Chair; Chip Paison , LDFLA President; Lord Dunmore, Preston Turner, contest winner and member of Salisbury Conservation Commission; Barrie Bailey, Salisbury Conservation Commission,; and Jim Meyersberg, LDFLA Aquatic Invasive Species (Milfoil Control) chair. Mr. Turner received his check as Lord Dunmore watched. The Lake Dunmore Fern Lake AIS – Milfoil Control Project will receive the other half of the contest proceeds.

The Commission and LDFLA will be collaborating in joint educational forums in July and August. Watch local news sources for the dates.

LDFLA thanks everyone who participated by sending in their entries and increasing the earning for both groups. LDFLA continues to raise funds to control the spread the Aquatic Invasive Species in our Lakes. Without our many volunteers and contributors, there would be no Milfoil Control Project on our lakes.

Lord Dunmore will be staying at the “Ebert Spa” for most of the summer and will make an appearance on Lake Dunmore for the Fourth of July Boat Parade.

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