Bears, and my luckiest shot ever.

Hi again,
I was hoping to attach a short video of the loon chase since I can’t e-mail videos. The attachment doesn’t work either. Does anyone familiar with i-photo know how to do it?
Allon W. had a sow with 3 cubs show up in his yard a couple weeks ago. They stayed a while and here are a couple of his pictures, taken from the second floor deck by the way.


Bear Panorama1

Here’s my lucky shot when the storm went through today. I’ve been trying to do this a long time but even with my camera up and pointed, the lightening has alway been gone by the time I could react. This strike lasted so long that I not only had time to react but the camera got two shots of it. The second shot is slightly less intense but that’s still one long lasting jolt of electricity. Thankfully it didn’t hit further down the mountain.

Lightening strike. 5/27/15

Mike Korkuc

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One Response to Bears, and my luckiest shot ever.

  1. sheila conroy says:

    WOW did I feel that lightening strike. What a pic!

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