Loon fix

Hi all,
Lake Dunmore loons are doing fine. There has been one on the nest every time I’ve checked, which is pretty much daily. You can usually find the other somewhere close by if you look hard enough.

This is coming off our dock shortly after the rain ended a Wednesday. Kayakers had seized the moment too and I felt a little guilty about motoring out and disturbing the serenity, not guilty enough that we didn’t go though.


Here’s a shot of the Silver Lake nest a couple days ago taken by Allon W. Yes, that is too close to the water. GMP is going to bring the water level down a couple inches but after the rain last night I’m a little concerned. I’m going going to try to get up there early tomorrow and hope the nest is still there.

Silver lake nest

Here’s a shot I took as we got off our boat Wednesday evening too. The setting sun was catching the web just right but I couldn’t get the camera to do it justice. The web is about 8 feet across, it was beautiful.


Here’s the mate fluffing after preening tonight. Not the best of pictures but better than nothing if you need the loon fix. Enjoy, Mike


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