Loon report, Silver Lake edition

Hi all,
Our loons on Dunmore are fine as of last night. They had to endure moderate boat traffic yesterday for the first time this year. It’s quiet out there so far today.
Sally found just the one loon at Goshen Dam yesterday. She looked hard around the island and the marsh hoping to find a second one on a nest but no luck. As of now, a chick there would be a nice surprise.

The hike up to Silver Lake was well worth the energy yesterday morning. This first shot was looking south from the dam.

Looking south from the beach, the loon is sitting on the nest nudged up against the third rock up the west shore. See it?


Here are those rocks 1, 2, and 3 counting from right to left. Loon is still a little difficult to see but there is a great blue heron visible sitting on the top left of rock #1.

And next to rock #3, the loon is visible with decent binos. The view is much easier looking across from campsites 4, 5, or 6 on the east side. Best look is from 5 I think, or through the trees each side of 5. I think this shot was from somewhere between 5 & 6. Hatch date there should be just before the end of the month so if you get up there, please take a look and let me know what you found. The mate was floating way down in the south end. Enjoy, Mike

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