Loon update #???

Hi all,
Rains here have put Lake Dunmore and Silver Lake a little high in the normal range (just a couple inches up here on Dunmore) but Goshen Dam is very high. GMP is running wide open to try to drop the levels at each place but we might have lost a nest at Goshen Dam. Sally found 2 adults there today where there has been only one for a couple weeks so we are guessing the site they chose may have flooded. If we can find the failed nest, maybe we can use the info to better place the raft next year. This year the raft got fouled with goose crap before the loons got there, maybe we can do something about that next year too.
We don’t yet know how the nest at Silver Lake is doing. If we get the forecast t-storms tonight/tomorrow, it doesn’t bode well for that site either.
The nest here on Dunmore is doing just fine. Below is the mate off the nest doing some preening and fluffing. The other was sitting on the nest. One more adult was in the middle of the deep lake, we saw it there yesterday too. Maybe that’s the one from Waterhouses.

Tom O. gets the prize for best pictures tonight. He said they were feeding on some recently hatched bass.


Thank you Tom. Enjoy, Mike


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