behavior article

Hi all,
Rosie and I are (way) off lake at the moment but the nests are being closely watched by several folks. So far no reports of any chicks. My internet coverage may be sporadic for the next week but I’ll pass along news as quickly as possible.
Below is a great article about loon behavior that Eric sent and I’m passing along for all the real loon geeks on the list. So, loon geeks enjoy while others can just hit the delete button. Mike

american-scientist marking loons making progress.pdf

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2 Responses to behavior article

  1. Martin Del Vecchio says:

    I spotted two chicks this morning. Father was feeding them, and mother was giving them a ride on her back.

    I got some photos with my big camera and lens, but I can’t download them until I get home tomorrow.

  2. Chip says:

    As of 2pm Sat. still on the nest and the other in the water protecting.

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