Dunmore photos from Jul 2, 2015, And news from Silver

Hi all, Be it ever so humble… Less than 12 hours from Ak. to Vt, amazing. Now back to reality.

From Sally…
Hi Everybody! We have a chick on Silver Lake as of today!!! I think it had just hatched when we arrived. The adults were very vocal-wails, hoot, coos and tremolos. They were buffering the chick on all sides. It was tiny!! They were hanging close to the nest, so not sure whether that was because it had just hatched or if there might be another egg. I am guessing there was only one egg, based on last year. The loon family on Dunmore was doing well today, too. They were in their nursery cove behind the milfoil signs that are, ostensibly, keeping people out of that cove. Good for the loon family, giving them limited boat traffic. Happy looning! Sally B.

And from Kathy…

Day 5 starting to dive

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