Annual Meeting

Well now – whoever didn’t make the Annual meeting missed a kick butt event. Good business discussion, a good number of Laughs!!! At least two offers to share a cocktail on the dock and some conversation.

Best Regards,

Chip Paison
President LDFLA
802 236 2470 mobile
802 247 5453 Lake

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One Response to Annual Meeting

  1. sheila conroy says:

    Thank-you for all of the hard work the members put into presenting the information given. I feel compelled to reinforce the fact that the dues should not take an extreme jump in price. I suspect many people were hesitant in NOT raising their hands when the idea of a proposed hike up to $150. and more was presented. There are many people on fixed income around our lake and in this community. As much as $ is important in keeping our lake clean and milfoil free so is the sense of community. If this organization becomes all about money we will begin to lose the sense of community as I fear many will drop their membership. Just saying…
    Sheila Conroy

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